Creating a Christmas menu can be very hard because of the pressure to make it memorable. Christmas is a very special season, full of cheer and precious moments, but nothing brings people together like great food. Thinking of switching up your Christmas menu this year? Then, this post is for you. We’re exploring delicious food options from different parts of Africa that you can add to your Christmas menu and have your family swooning.

Ready? Let’s go

Spicy Pilau Rice

This yummy east African traditional rice dish with origins from India is definitely something to try this festive season. Its basically Basmati rice cooked in either beef or chicken broth. Its easy to make as you can find the recipe here. For a nice twist, you can add veggies to the rice. Its a simple and delicious meal that’s different and your loved ones will definitely enjoy.

14 Pilau rice ideas | pilau rice, kenyan food, homemade beef

Poulet DG

Originally a Cameroonian dish of plantains and chicken, you can never go wrong with adding plantains to your Christmas menu. Its usually served on special occasions and you’ll agree that Christmas is one of the most special times of the year. The recipe contains plantains, carrots and bits of flavorful chicken. Its a bit similar to Nigerian delicacy : Gizdodo so you know your taste buds are in for a treat. Add this to your Christmas menu and you’ll have your oved ones thanking you for a great meal.

Poulet DG – Well & Tasty

Caranguejo e coco (Coconut Crab Curry)

This is a lovely Mozambican dish with influences from the Portuguese, Arabian and African people. This delicacy has a few important ingredients: Coconut, Crab and peri peri sauce. Very easy to make, its basically fried onions and tomatoes mixed with peri peri and finally crab meat. Serve with white rice and I assure you, your loved ones will definitely enjoy a finger – licking meal. Need a recipe? Here.

Mozambican Coconut Crab Curry (Caranguejo e Coco) | Cooking with coconut  oil, Seafood recipes, Portuguese recipes

Chicken Yassa

A Senegalese sauce of marinated chicken with onions (lots of it), lemon juice and mustard. Its easy to make and its totally delicious so its a win-win for you. The chicken needs to be marinated for at least 6-8 hours to ensure all the flavors get in. Fry the chicken till its brown, and then mix with caramelized onions and voila! Serve with rice, pasta, potatoes, yam and anything you can think of. Its that versatile! Find the recipe here.

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Enjoy your holidays with these yummy meals from around Africa and if you’re thinking of expanding your options, you can find food options from around the globe here.

Happy Holidays!

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