While on board heading towards Istanbul we caught sight of the Kizkulesi Tower, literal meaning for “Maiden’s Tower” in Turkish. The name comes from a legend when the Byzantine emperor heard a prophecy telling him that his beloved daughter would die at the age of 18 by a snake. So he decided to put her in this tower built on a rock on the Bosphorus isolated from the land thus no snake could kill her. But she couldn’t escape from her destiny, after all, a snake hidden in a fruit basket brought from the city bit the princess and killed her. Weird right? 

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Kizkulesi Tower

We finally got to the mainland and another shopping spree began. We bought anything our money could buy from the Bazaar. We picked arts, clothes, shoes, rugs, lights, perfumes, earrings, bracelets, scarfs, name it till I ran out of money. Trust me, just like I said earlier, you can beat a Nigerian during a shopping spree.


We finally retired to our hotel rooms at 12:30 am to catch a rest. The next day we bade farewell to our new adventure after all. 

Istanbul is a dream,  the heart and soul of Turkey, the only city in the world that spans two continents; Europe and Asia. An addiction that I would have stayed in if my return flight didn’t come at the time it did. The food, the fascinating history, the warm welcome from locals, the weather, the beautiful street music, the dreamy islands – I can go on and on.

Well, I’ll leave you with these few words. You can always book a flight to anywhere in the world, however, you cannot book lifetime experiences like what I had in Istanbul. You have to earn it after yearning for it.  

Wakanow is just the right plug for you to earn the best holiday getaway and my first suggestion is Istanbul.

Contact the best of holidays makers in the land here or send a mail and get bespoke holidays curated just for you at an amazing budget.

PS: I still dream of Istanbul. Thanks to Turkish Airlines, the best in the air and the airline that flies to more cities around the world than any other.

Istanbul new airport

I will always have memory flashes of the jokes we shared among ourselves and with all those we met during our travels. The friends we made, pictures we took with our arms around each other, lessons learnt. 

We made ‘Istanbul’ belong to us for a little while. We are travel and adventure in one pack, we’re Wakanow and Turkish Airlines, and now we go our separate ways for the summer, shaking off our hangovers and ponder all the worth while it lasted.

Istanbul new airport
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