Common Problems Travelers Encounter

Just the thoughts of taking a trip to a new destination sounds fun, because of the exposure it brings and the unforgettable moments it leaves us with. However the fantasy can become a shadow if you encountered some common challenges, which will ruin your fun while planning your travel itinerary.

Below are a few common snags and how to avoid them

Date Change On Ticket

This is one of the most common problem flight users encounter, if for some reason the customer decides to change the date of the flight it is bound that extra charges will be paid on the ticket. This due to,

  • peak season
  • availability of seat
  • class of seats

The Airline charges additional fee for change of dates of the flight, and it is important that this is communicated to the customers to avoid the feeling of being extra charged.


Most flight users usually complain about refunds. In the case of unused funds, refund is usually from 24-48 hours maximum, this is a case where a customer over pays for a ticket. The Central Bank of Nigeria rules states that the mode of payment must be followed and the payment must be refunded to owners account from 5-15 working days.

If it is a voluntary cancellation made by the customer, the airline takes charges depending on the rules of the ticket. In the case were the ticket cancellation was done by the airline, it takes 3-8 weeks and the full charges of the ticket will be refunded.

Terms and Condition

Often times many travelers are too busy or rush through the terms and conditions before agreeing to it, especially in the aspect of Pay-small-small. It is important to read the T&C because the moment you accept, it shows that you have given your full consent to it. The airline or travel company will not be held responsible for further actions.

Fair increment

Due to the non stable prices of air fairs, travelers usually suffer from fair increment which is subject to the availability of seat in the operating airline. A flight ticket can be cheaper today and more expensive tomorrow, this often leave the travelers in a lurch.

How do you handle this snag?

A smart way to avoid this problem is to book ahead of your travel date, and enjoy the early bird advantage.

When your wallet is missing

A missing or stolen wallet is one nightmare that could shatter your excitement while on a trip. Imagine standing alone, confused and stranded at the center of a big city where no one is likely to notice your confusion.

And so, what should you do?

Never take large amount of money with you while on a trip, especially now when technology has replaced our traditional wallet with mobile money. Contact the nearest Police station and file a complain, then send a mail to your local bank to notify them if you had your credit card in the lost wallet.

When your luggage gets missing

For any traveler, there’s nothing more frustrating than the realization that your luggage has suddenly gone missing. When this happens, it’s either a question of wrong tagging, mishandling at the arrival station or a delay caused by airport or custom restrictions. And sometimes, the answer is really neither here nor there. That’s the more reason why you need to safeguard yourself against such eventualities.

What to do?

Always ensure to use a luggage tag. The truth is that when you check in, the airline usually tags your bag for easy identification. But it is always wise to err on the side of caution by inserting a forwarding name, address and possibly phone number into the bag yourself. This way, the airline staff can easily reach out to you should your luggage go missing.

When you have language barriers

How many times have you landed in a destination only to feel alienated because of language difficulties? The truth is that you are not alone. Language constraint is a major challenge faced by most travelers. And most times, this can be quite limiting, and could ruin your chances of making the most of your vacation. Learning simple and helpful words and phrases is a great way to start.

Google Translate has also stepped into the fray to save the day. But this might not be your best bet, especially for face-to-face conversation. So, asking for help from someone who can translate a foreign language won’t hurt either.

When you are robbed or attacked

Take it or leave it, you can be mugged or robbed anywhere – from big cities to smaller ones. Sometimes, it is the very same Good Samaritan that pretends to help you that eventually turns out as a mugger. So, be weary of those folks who just show up from nowhere to help out with your luggage.

Yes, you are a tourist but try as much as you can not to appear like a foreigner. Be mindful of where you are going, and should you sense something fishy about a place, don’t hesitate to make a U-turn.

When a natural disaster happens

No matter how cautious we are, natural disasters are some of the phenomena we can’t control. But it’s important to be prepared should our destination be affected by one. As a rule of thumb, it’s important to avoid visiting certain destinations at certain times of the year. It is also important to get a travel insurance policy to indemnify yourself against certain risks.

What should you do when a disaster happens?

First, be calm. Panicking won’t solve any of the problems, and getting agitated only compounds the crisis. Secondly, reach out to your loved ones as soon as possible. This saves them the needless anxiety, and assures them of your safety.

However, the success of every trip begins at the booking stage. Making your booking with a wakanow is the first thing you must get right, to ensure that seamless travel itinerary.

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