DIYs for Mother’s Day

Most women feel special when they receive well thought out gifts and mothers are no exceptions. When the gifts are made with your hands it becomes more remarkable and lingers more in their memory. This is why DIYs are always an excellent gift option that will be treasured forever.  Here’s our list of 4 DIY gift ideas for Mother’s Day:


Treat Your Mum to Her Very Own Spa Experience:

Everyone loves a bit of pampering, every now and again. It makes them feel like a princess and de-stress from the everyday routine. To start this pamper session- DIY bath bombs can be made to soak in the natural sessions, followed closely by a DIY soothing scrub.


Make Teatime More Special

Teatime is always an excuse to sip on something hot and bond with your favourite person (your mum, of course). To make it extra special discard the ordinary tea bags, instead, make it a floral experience. A well crafted dotted mug can be used to elevate the experience. Get a boring white mug and paint over it.


Tasty treats

Why not switch the bouquet of flowers with a bouquet of fruits! The best part it’s edible and very healthy. Your mum can eat till her heart’s content and not think about  her waistline.


Polaroid Magnets

Mothers love pictures, why not make her a constant reminder of how much she means to you with these DIY Polaroid magnets. Get photos of you and family and make it into a magnet, stick it on the kitchen fridge for better viewing.

Now there’s no excuse for not making Mother’s Day special for your mom because there are several things to do to make Mother’s day a delight. If you’re not interested in any of these, a plane ticket will do justice. Guess what? There are amazing deals with Emirates. When we say no excuses, we mean it

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