Some of the best restaurants in the world are located in Dubai. These restaurants in Dubai serve almost all cuisines available globally, including those specializing in Dubai’s Arabic Delights. These restaurants have amazing aquatic or garden views, exquisite décor and the best-imported chefs. Some of its restaurants are part of restaurant chains.


Burj Al Arab ‘s flagship hotel, Al Mahara, a seafood restaurant owned by Michelin-starred British chef Nathan Outlaw is a hotel often named by travel writers as “the most luxurious in the country,” While the restaurant is certainly delightful with fresh ingredients and a few inspired dishes, inside the large aquarium, is an exceptional and special dining experience that sets the tone for Al Mahara.

This British chef’s Michelin-starred recipes highlight the strength of consistency, while the tastes of the finest ingredients speak for themselves. Guests taste signature drinks at one of the picnic tables on the waterfront, open-air.


Michelin-starred chefs Gary Rhodes creates an astonishing blend of Anglo-French cuisine, leading this flagship restaurant at the Grosvenor House Hotel. The creative tasting menu is excellent and uses fresh ingredients imported from Europe, paired with a wide variety of fine wines. Panoramic views of Dubai Marina can be seen as you’re inside the lush and chic yellow details of the interior.


This restaurant is known for serving Mediterranean dishes and is beautifully situated in Dubai International Financial Centre. Locally produced artichokes, Courgettes, lemons, olives, tomatoes, peppers, and Girolles is generously used with fish, beef, and fresh pasta to generate a light but balanced Meditterean meal.


The architecture of this restaurant is ideally placed around the lake, creating the impression it floats on water. A winding walkway over the pool leads to the restaurant with a chic bar and a stripped poolside marquee stage. Eauzone’s atmosphere is laid back during the day, reflecting its tranquility. However, after sunset, this location becomes an elegant, sophisticated restaurant. The restaurant serves stunning Asian fusion cuisine and sea food.

From Basbousa to Maamoul, why not finish your meal with some Arab desserts?


Translating to ‘Ali ‘s Mother’, this dreamy Umm Ali lies at the gastronomic heart of Arabia and is a popular Eid and other holiday dessert. At the ILA Restaurant & Cafe in Al Seef, you can sample this dessert. With a combination of puff pastry or torn-up croissants layered in a large bowl of pistachios, dried coconut flakes and sultanas or dates, this deliciously rich bread and butter dessert is made slightly different from that eaten in the West. After being made, a mixture of milk, cream and sugar is poured over the top and allowed to soak before being baked in the pastry mix.


Spiced date cookies called Maamoul are sure to be found served in piles in every Majlis (a space for entertaining visitors in an Arab home). Usually stuffed with date paste and crushed almonds, they are pressed into decorative moulds before baking. Almost all Emirati grandmother has a special recipe for Mammoul that has been passed down for generations.

However, these incude basic dessert and baking ingredients including spices and honey which are important ingredients for most Arab sweets. This buttery flavor dessert goes well with a cup of strong black Arabian coffee at traditional Emirati coffee shops and cafes.


Basbousa is a popular typical dessert mild in flavor, and remarkably thin, eaten after family meals in Dubai. The recipe is made primarily from semolina and occasionally powdered coconut, then soaked in syrup and garnished before serving with blanched almonds.

Variations may include a honey glaze, applying rose water or orange blossom water to give the batter a soft floral fragrance, or applying thick yogurt to make a moister, denser, cake. Delicious Basbousa can be found at Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe in Dubai Festival Area.

Dubai’s exceptional food adventure is just a flight away.

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