Easter Celebrations Around The World

Easter Celebrations Around The World

Easter is a Christian festival, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Different countries and cultures around the world have their own way of celebrating Easter and some are crazier and more interesting than others! Here’s a list of the some of the world’s most unique and interesting Easter celebrations and traditions!

Parade in Seville, Spain

Easter Celebrations Around The World
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Seville arguably holds some of the most elaborate processions for Holy Week. The Spanish city of Seville has a spectacular procession of penitents wearing masks and lavish floats that parade through the city. Thousands of people take to the streets to watch the procession.


Easter Festival in Johannesburg

Easter Celebrations Around The World

Every Easter Johannesburg has the Easter Festival! It’s an 11 day festival perfect for families. It kicks off with a mind-blowing pyrotechnic and laser show and then there’s a circus, concerts and exhibitions. It’s something you should not miss! Click here to plan your Easter trip to Johannesburg.


Blood & whips in Philippines

Easter Celebrations Around The World
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Philippines has one of the bloodiest Easter rituals into the world! Although the modern Catholic church now discourages this act of hurting themselves, many penitents called “Magdarame” carry wooden crosses, crawl on rough pavement and slash their backs before whipping themselves to draw blood. This is done to ask for forgiveness of sins to fulfill vows or to express gratitude for favours granted. They believe that doing this helps them cleanse their sins and cure illnesses.


Candle light ceremony in Greece

Easter Celebrations Around The World

Easter is one of the most popular celebrations in Greece! Each day of Easter has its own unique celebrations. For example, on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, there is the candle light ceremony. At 11:00pm everyone gathers around the church, holds and lights a candle. At the same time, each person then proceeds to go home with the candle in their hands. Like to witness the “Holy Fire” ceremony in person? Click here to visit Greece 

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