Enjoy Massive Savings With Pay Small Small™

Save up to 20% on travel cost when you use Pay Small Small™ on Wakanow

Black Friday came early in the travel space, thanks to Kalabash. The fintech company, whose flagship solution, Pay Small Small™ is a leading payment solution in the travel industry, announced its exciting Black Friday deals. These deals allow travelers to pay for their travels in convenient installments with no additional fees.

Kalabash’s Flagship Product – Pay Small Small™ (PSS) is designed to help customers overcome travel cost uncertainty by locking down current cost with as little as 25% while the balance is paid in convenient installments before travel. The payment solution protects travelers from the uncertainty of prices in the travel sector while easing the burden of outright payments of large sums.

For Black Friday this month, travelers will save as much as 20% of travel cost when they use Pay Small Small on all Mondays in November for all available deals, flights, travel packages on Wakanow. To access Pay Small Small and take advantage of the Black Friday campaign, simply select the “Pay Small Small” fare on Wakanow website – https://www.wakanow.com/paysmallsmall

Benefits of Pay Small Small™ (PSS)

  • No Credit Checks – no profiling, no credit checks, everyone is eligible.
  • Access to Early Bird rates – Plan your trip, buy your ticket early and get access to cheaper prices.
  • Flexible Repayment plans – Choose a repayment plan that works for you 
  • No Collateral Needed – We are not going to ask for any collateral.

To learn more, please visit: www.kalabash54.com

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