Masai Mara Great Migration
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Experience Masai Mara with These Four Magic Hats

[dropcap text_color=”” background_color=””]I[/dropcap]t’s 6:30a.m in the wilds of Masai Mara in Kenya, and your day begins first with the deep, bellowing sound of falcons and kestrels interspersed with chirping insects. From a distance, the coaxing echoes of hippos in a quiet lake stabs the silence. And then, you spring out of your bed in readiness to take on the morning game drive, having no clue as to what to expect.

Things to do in Masai Marai

And soon after, you set off on a journey of a thousand and one thrills. After gliding through this treasure-chest of adventure for two days, I observed that to have a mouthful of exciting experience, you need to wear three key hats as you plunge deep into the boondocks.

Your number 1 hat is your mind

Here, I mean a 110% of your mind; curious enough to explore new things and brave enough to go with the flow. As you would later discover, this is not the tour for the faint-hearted or those folks whose hearts leap out of their mouths at the sight of a roaring lion.

So, you require a bit of brawn and poker face, for instance, to maintain a touching distance from a ravenous lion without breaking out in a cold sweat.

Things to do in Masai Mara

Or imagine pulling up beside a battle-ready buffalo, grunting and sniffing at a pride of lions who attempts to launch an onslaught. And then, you watch the lions swirl around in a fit of rage as they bare their fangs on their enemy. It’s a spectacle that is better witnessed than narrated.

Now, your second most important hat is your camera.

At the Mara Intrepid, cameras never stop to shutter. And just when you think the scene doesn’t seem so safe, and your guide instructs everyone to maintain silence, the cameras just never keep to those instructions. Never! But there’s a justification for this too. There’s so much to be seen and captured so much that doing otherwise is like visiting the Colosseum in Rome and returning home without a story to tell.

Things to do in Masai Mara

Imagine seeing first hand a clan of hyenas capture a lone wildebeest in the low-lying, open grassland. Just like the lions, you watch these dingoes tear their victim apart, eating everything from bones to flesh and even blood. So, it’s advisable to get yourself a selfie stick – if you don’t already have one – to capture these unforgettable moments.

The third is your learning hat.

Not your bowler or Cowboy hat this time around, but your learning hat. The truth is that Mara offers much more than excitement and adventure. Whether it is the drumming instinct of woodpeckers or the multi-tasking prowess of ravens, there’s so much to learn from these creatures of the wild.

As you traverse the various parts of this sweeping reserve, you encounter classical stories stringed together in animal forms – from competition to business, marriage, social adaptation, survival, etc.

Things to do in Masai Mara

And here is your fourth most important hat: a sense of history.

One thing that strikes every tourist at first contact with the Masai people is their rich history that dates as far back as 15th Century. Despite the wave of civilization that has swept through the African Great Lakes, the Masai people still hold on strongly to their distinctive customs and dress style, affirming their abounding sense of history.

Here, the traditional African community prior to colonization strikes you in the eye, alluding to a paradise lost.

Things to do in Masa Mara

But whether you just want to take in all the nuances of this 1961 wildlife sanctuary, indulge in the stillness of Mother Nature or team up with locals to experience the rich history of the Masai people, the Mara Intrepid takes you on a journey back in time into the African culture, courtesy of a story told through the Masai eyes.

So, the next time you land in Kenya, clear the decks and explore the Mara Intrepids for an experience of a lifetime. We have great vacation packages that allow you savor all the excitement that Kenya has to offer.


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