Ready to explore Turkey with us? Let’s do it! Turkey is a transcontinental country on two continents. It is mainly on the peninsula of Anatolia in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on Southern Europe. Its capital is Ankara and with its Mediterranean sunshine and mouth-watering cuisine, its a top choice for tourists. Turkey is a fascinating country with a mixture of contemporary and antique lifestyles.

This amazing country is one of the world`s top ten travel destinations. It stands out for its captivating tourist sights and attractions, beaches, ancient cities, great night life and natural parks. As a Nigerian passport holder, you have to apply for a visa, to gain access into Turkey. Thankfully, with flights available on Wakanow from Lagos or Abuja to Istanbul you can experience a relaxing holiday in Turkey.

Things To Do

Yacht Cruise: Going on a cruise is a great way to escape all the hurdles of life and enjoy a relaxing view of the sea. Its fun, exciting and thrilling especially for people who love the water. Go on a cruise at a beach of your choice and even indulge in some watersports.

Luxury Yacht Charter in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy -

Hot Air Ballooning: These rides have become one of Turkey`s most famous fun activities. Thinking of seeing the city from above? Then, the hot air balloon ride is just right for you. No feeling beats floating in the air and enjoying breathtaking views of the entire region.

Hot Air balloons

Umbrella Street: The rainbow striped umbrellas here, are suspended in the space between red-brick buildings. Located in Karaköy, the umbrella street has tons of places where you can grab a coffee and even enjoy a meal. If you’re looking to take really cool selfies, then the Umbrella street is a must-see for you.

Umbrella street in Istanbul 🌈 | Umbrella street, Istanbul, Travel
Umbrella street

Galata Convent Of Whirling Dervishes: Experiencing Turkey’s cultural and spiritual history, is a must. At the Galata Convent of the Dervish Whirlpool, you get to watch professional Turkish Dervish hypnotically spinning deep prayers. The spinning, which awes spectators, shows groups of people whirling in a trance-like state for a quarter of an hour, to the sound of religious hymns. This is a synonymous image with Turkey, its history and mysticism from the Middle East.

The Jewish Museum Of Turkey: Istanbul is a town of infinitely complex layers awaiting discovery! Another indication of the different communities who lived in this Muslim town has been documented in this museum. Istanbul’s Jewish history is long, and the two main religions co-habited in the city for a period of time. This museum has documents, photographs, and other antiques, and is one of several landmarks in the city. If you’re interested in a bit of history, then this is the right place to learn.

Museum Of Turkish Jews - Istanbul Tour Studio – Istanbul Guide
The Jewish museum of Turkey

What to know

Language: The lingua franca of Turkey is Turkish.

Currency: Turkish Lira

Religion: 90% of Turkey’s population are Muslims.

Best time to visit: April & May, September & October.

Mode of dressing: Turkey is a bit conservative, so you might have to pack clothes that cover up. You can also pack socks as you might have to pull your shoes sometimes.

What to eat

Manti is such a delicious meal, often called the Turkish ravioli. Its made of beef dumplings and then covered in yoghurt and spicy sauce.

Manti (Turkish Ravioli)

Meze: A combination of everything nice, Meze is basically different dishes, some of them you can try with bread. From salads to spreads, you have a ton of choices to have your bread with.

Meze in Kalkan ... | Turkish recipes, Turkish mezze, Meze recipes

Iskender Kebap: Made from grilled lamb meat and then covered with tomato sauce over pieces of pita bread. It is then soaked with melted sheep butter and yoghurt. This kebab is so yummy and is available all around Turkey.

Iskender Kebab Recipe

Thinking of exploring Turkey’s beauty? You can always book a flight here or visit us at Wakanow.

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