It’s a known fact that FIFA World Cup is going to be one of the highlights of Summer 2018. The spotlight will be on Russia- the world’s largest nation. Seeing as the country itself is large, there will be a number of amazing cities to explore. Here’s our list of five cities we will be focusing on:



Moscow is the capital of Russia. Its array of world-class art, history and majestic feel excites both its visitors and residents. Living in Moscow has its own extraordinary feeling of being immersed in the historical Russian soul. The Kremlin, Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral are part of the landmarks that illuminate the city.



Kaliningrad was home to the military and a closed part of the Soviet Union- still very important to the strategic position of Moscow. The Kaliningrad Zoo, Regional Amber Museum, Königsberg Cathedral,  Konigsberg Castle are also housed here. The Kaliningrad Stadium, where a number of FIFA matches will be played, is a popular landmark. This is the location of the first ever Super Eagles match, will you be cheering our boys to victory?

Saint Petersburg

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Saint Petersburg is popularly known as Piter by its nearest and dearest. Its summer white nights are memorable and welcome visitors from all parts of the world. It effortlessly resembles a party that lasts all night long. Its historic artworks come to life in the Errata Museum, Street Art Museum, and so many other landmarks.


Source: Lonely Planet

The best thing about Russia- there is something for anyone. Sochi is known as the ‘Summer Capital’ of Russia,  filled with amazing sea resorts surrounded by mountainous coastline, endless beautiful beaches, glistening sunny days and bubbling nightlife. Perfect for the young crew and the young at heart who have refused to grow up.


Source: Lonely Planet

This location is a real-life historical landmark, which served as an important battleground for the best-known war- WWII. This popular battle was the Stalingrad during World War II which began in 1942 and ended in 1943. It was during this war more than 2 million Soviet and German soldiers were killed. On a lighter note, the Super Eagles will be playing at the Volgograd arena.


Source: Gorodissky and Partners

This great city is on UNESCO’s list of twelve ideal cities, based on its incredible natural treasures – oil, gas, gold mines and emerald deposits. Formerly known as Ekaterinburg, it is the fourth largest city in Russia. There are a number of tourist attractions that are housed here-  Military History Museum, Ural Geological Museum, United Museum of Writers of the Urals. The best part of this location is that 4 matches of the FIFA World Cup 2018– Egypt vs Uruguay, France vs Peru, Japan vs Senegal and Mexico vs Sweden- will be held here.

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