Facts About Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a well celebrated holiday observed by 20% of the people around the globe. It’s a very important day in China and also one of the longest public holidays in the world. It starts with Little Year which lasts for 8 days, starts on Feb 8th-15th.

The second festivities is known as Spring Festival which lasts for 11 days. It starts on Feb 16th-26th.

The final festivities is the Lantern Festival which lasts for 11 days. It starts on the 27th – 2nd March.


2018 is the year of the dog, here’s a list of 3 facts about Chinese New Year:

Chinese New Year Decorations;

The color red came from scaring off the monster Nian who terrorized the villagers. Fireworks were used and due to this, the holiday decorations are a bright loud red. The fortune decoration is one of the many decorations used. The popular word used is FU ( Happiness and good fortune), written on a square piece of paper on walls, doors, and even windows.

Dishes Served;

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Food is a very important part of this festival from the main dishes to the desert to the snacks. This is an opportunity to bring friends and family together in one particular place. Even if a particular family member cannot be present their spot will be set up with utensils and plates.


Myths about Chinese New Year;

Myths, legends and fairy tales are all part of the traditions of China.  Traditionally, Chinese New Year’s Day is called Guo Nian (过年) in Chinese. The character Nian is known as the monster who terrorized the people in nearby villages. It only came out from the deep sea every New Year’s Eve with its long head and sharp horns. This attacks were stopped a brave warrior who used red papers, burning bamboo and lighting candles to scare off the monster.


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