French is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. A lot of times, when talking about French speaking vacation spots, the first one that usually comes to mind is France. As you can imagine, there are tons of vacation destinations you can explore especially if you’re fascinated about French culture and its influence. Practice a few necessary words and you’re good to go.

Montreal, Canada

The largest city in the province of Quebec. Montreal is also the fourth largest francophone city in the world and this simply means that you get enthralling information about its cultural influences. Montreal offers you Canadian-style warmth and many enjoyable experiences. The city’s design is one that makes it easy to stroll endlessly so if you’re a lover of walks, Montreal is for you! Its also a slower paced city than Canada’s number 1 city : Toronto. The food scene in Montreal is very exciting, as you can find some of the best croissants outside Europe here. Visit the Notre Dame Basilica, Musée des Beaux-Arts, St. Joseph’s Oratory and so many more historical sites. Make sure you try out Poutine, Montreal style bagels, pouding chomeur and even regular street foods.

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Brussels, Belgium

This is the largest French speaking city in Belgium. In Brussels, you can find signs in different languages as French is not the only language of communication. Brussels is popular for producing the finest chocolates and waffles, so find your sweet tooth and go chocolate tasting. This magnificent city is also home to over 1500 restaurants so you can’t run out of options for where to eat. Brussels’ architecture is beyond fascinating so make sure to go along with a camera to capture the beauty. Visit the Royal palace of Brussels and explore Belgian arts in the museums.

How To Spend A Day in Brussels, Belgium


This picturesque West African country is an amazing vacation destination. With amazing beaches and exceptional cuisine, you’re in for a ride if you spend time in Senegal. Although, a French speaking country, you might find people speaking more Wolof on the streets of Senegal. For easier communication with the locals, you can learn a few Woof words like greetings. There’s a range of activities you can do for fun in Senegal. Visit Dakar and explore some of the most beautiful art you can find, visit the pink lake, Goree Island to learn more about the history of slave trade.

How to get around in Senegal

Geneva, Switzerland

The second most populous city in Switzerland. This European city is so close to France, you can literally drive into France. It is generally considered a global city and a centre for diplomacy because it houses many international organizations. Apart from extravagant boutiques and luxury hotels, Geneva has tons of places to explore. Visit Saint Peter’s Cathedral, Treille Promenade, The Jardin Anglais and the Flower Clock, visit the United Nations’ office, museums and so many more.

Geneva | History, Culture, Institutions, & Points of Interest | Britannica


This island country offers you so much beauty and warmth. Made up of more than a 100 islands. Explore the beauty of the islands and its gorgeous birds. Seychelles is nothing without its breathtaking beaches so take sometime out to enjoy the views and soak in the sun by the shores. French, English and Seychellois Creole are the main languages. You can find more information about Seychelles here.

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Kigali, Rwanda

A beautiful East African country fondly called ‘the land of a thousand hills’ because of its hilly scenery. Rwandans are known to be very friendly and warm to visitors. The exciting cultures make the country more endearing to tourists. Explore a bit of Rwanda’s history and arts to get a feel of the real Rwanda.

Here is How Rwanda Became Africa's Cleanest Country | The African Exponent.


A small European country that’s bordered by Germany, France and Belgium. Its size and excellent public transport system makes it easy for you to go around and also meet more friendly people than in larger cities. Majority of those who live in Luxembourg are able to speak French very well. It is one of the most relaxing cities in the world. Explore the lakes, gardens and hiking trails to get the best from your vacation.

Luxembourg City - Wikipedia

We hope this list helps with your choice of vacation spots. As always, you can contact us at Wakanow to help you plan your trips as seamlessly as possible.

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