Following our last post, a number of people asked that we add more locations to our list of places to visit in Nigeria as the list was far from exhaustive. In response, we have put up this rejoinder which also doesn’t begin to cover all the amazing sights Nigeria has to offer. We hope this list at least guides you in your journey. Remember, you can always book flights and hotels to the following destinations on


Anambra State which is home to Onitsha, where the famous main market is located has a number of quiet cities suitable for spending a romantic holiday with your loved one. If you are a great lover of traditional art forms, then you have come to the right place for it offers you a wide array of traditional artworks made in a most unique way. The best time to visit Anambra is during the Omaba festival and Yearly yam festival, which invariably attracts thousands of visitors every year to this State.

Osun Osobgo
This place has a religious and mythological significance to the people of Nigeria, and since then has been an object of fascination for foreign tourists. The Osun River flows through the Yoruba countryside forming into lagoons. The annual Osun Osogbo festival offers an amazing glimpse into one of the rich Nigerian traditions and culture.

Benin City
The city is very famous for its unique bronze and ivory work of art. The royal palace of Benin and the Benin moat is a must see attraction. The kingdom of Benin started around 900 AD. The Benin moat spans a distance of 6213.7 miles and was dug around 800 AD up to the late fifteenth century.

Arochuku is located along the cross river located between Abia state and Cross River state. The people are a mixture of cross river Igbos, Annangs and Ibibios. Most tourists who visit Arochuku go to see the slave route. On arrival you would normally be taken to Okoro Oji in Ujari which is the house museum and has a collection of materials and vestiges used during the slave trade.

This is the capital of Nigeria. An ultra-modern city with all the facilities you can find in any other modern city. It has a lot of architectural pieces, huge skyscrapers and lots of attractions. It is famous for its huge rock known as Aso rock which is also where the presidential villa is located.

Located in Sarduana Local Government, Taraba State, this place is known for its relatively unspoilt weather just as good as Florida in the US; lush green vegetation, a variety of dams, interesting people and cultures and peaceful environment. It’s the coldest place in west Africa (it lies on the Mambilla plateau)home of the highland tea plantation

Gashaka National Park (Taraba State)
One of the least popular parks nationwide but one of the most diverse contains a large population of a variety of wildlife. The town itself is also quite rustic and peaceful.

Other interesting places you should visit in Nigeria include but are not limited to:
• Ikogosi warm spring
• Osun River
• Erin-Ijesha water falls
• Idanre hills
• MicCom golf course
• Obafemi Awolowo University
• University of Ibadan (Zoo)
• ViewPoint at Abraka, Delta state
• Nike Lake, Enugu
• Oguta Lake, Imo state

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