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Till date this castle is visited every year by more than two and a half million visitors. Once called the London zoo where wild and exotic animals inhabited, you will also learn about the history of a royal castle, armory and fortress. Also discover the precious Crown Jewels, the legendary Beefeater and listen to legends about them. Historically, the London Tower was also known as a place of torment and torture where famous people were beheaded. In addition, listen to tales about the, storm battlements, swords and armory and much more.

London’s Tower is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions and was one of the London sights that international tourists had fond memories of as it has been a major tourist attraction. The Crown Jewels, Royal Menagerie and exhibits of armor have been its most popular attractions. The Crown Jewels especially, have gained a lot of public viewing since 1669.


London Eye is an unmissable adrenaline-pumping adventure located on the Thames River’s south bank. With an incredible 360 degrees view  slowly moving for about 30 minutes over 135 meters high, this observation wheel enables you get to see London’s famous buildings such as Buckingham Palace, Parliament Houses and Big Ben. Interactive Guides are on hand to encourage you to discover the capital’s iconic landmarks in multiple languages.

Known as Europe’s tallest observation wheel and the most popular tourist attraction in the UK having over 3 million visitors annually. It’s a beautiful wheel that’s offers a breath-taking view of London.


Meet with the Royal family, Hollywood celebrities, Marvel super heroes, Star Wars movie heroes, villains, and Sports stars in this incredible life-like wax museums depicting over 250 of these individuals.

Walk the red carpet and hit a pose with David Beckham, Kate Winslet and Usain Bolt. You’ll also get a look behind the scenes at how sculptors build the figures in an iconic black cabin, and a fun trip through London history.

It is one of the world’s oldest towns and England’s largest city and one of the cities we dream of. Its long history is mirrored in its society, heritage. An awesome, fabulous travel location bringing intellectual and artistic integrity.

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