Seychelles is a cluster of many luxurious islands, beaches and coral reefs. Situated along the coast of the Indian Ocean with the capital in Victoria, Mahe. This paradise on Earth is a captivating island blessed with abundant species of birds and other natural habitat, making it a holiday destination. Planning your holiday to Seychelles can be grueling, that’s why we at Wakanow have made everything easier for you.


BEACH: Seychelles is a paradise, shelter to the most beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and stunning resorts, and in Seychelles you can never run out of beaches to visit. Unwind to the soothing sounds of the waves and the refreshing breeze from the sea, while watching giant Aldaras walk freely on the beach. Revitalize your body and soul with the healing power of the beach as you experience exclusive peace.

Relaxing time at the beach

Bungee jumping: This is a thrilling physical yet fun activity to try at Seychelles, tourists who love adventure and are not acrophobic should definitely try it out. This action filled recreational activity is safe, secure and suitable for anyone over the age of 16 and does not require any prior knowledge or skill, and there is always an instructor or guide to direct everyone especially those who have cold feet or who haven’t tried any extreme sport.

Bungee jumping

 However pregnant women and people with health challenges like, high blood pressure, heart problems and people who are overweight are advised not to try bungee jumping.

Boat tours and water sports: Seychelles offers one of the most fascinating water sports like snorkeling which allows you have an unforgettable underwater experience, with a relaxing boat cruise exploring the beautiful island. Enjoy thrilling stories about the sea from the tour guide as he shows you breathtaking caves and waterfall.

Boat cruise

Jet-skiing :Exploring your holiday at Seychelles cannot be complete without going on a jet-ski. The excitement and thrill with the cool breeze that comes with jet-skiing is unimaginable. This water sport is a great way to enjoy your holiday with friends and family.

Morne National Park: Situated on the island in Mahe: the largest island in Seychelles, bird lovers leave their heart in this park as it is a home to many extinct birds and indigenous plants. People often refer to Seychelles as the bird`s island with over 220 species of birds, like the Paradise fly-catcher, Seychelles Black Parrot amongst others. The giant Aldabra is as significant as the island because it serves as spectacle for tourist.

This park also serves as the camp ground for people who go mountain climbing, a great way to view the entire stunning island especially tourists who love adventure or want to try a physical activity.

Victoria Botanical garden : The garden is an array of many floral plants and fruits illuminating a radiant and tranquil environment, which serves as a relaxational and recreational park for tourists. It also serves as a historical museum with molded statues and buildings.

Botanical Garden

MEALS TO TRY: Being an aquatic city with great marine life, Seychelles has a wide variety of mouthwatering seafoods and tropical fruits you can`t resist. with unique spices and recipes inspired from India, Africa, china and Britain, be certain to delight your taste buds.

Grilled Red Snapper: Locally known as bourgeoise grille is one of Seychelles official food, freshly caught and well seasoned with mixture of lemon juice, lime, ginger, parsley and garlic with chilies. Cooked either in a low heat oven or roasted in an open fire. This exotic fish is in abundance in Seychelles and is accompanied with white rice, mangos, tomatoes or creole sauce and loved by tourists.

  • Banana: With about 23 different species of banana in variation of color and size, it is widely eaten in Seychelles and has become an important ingredient in different dishes. It could also be cooked in coconut milk or soaked in sugar and fried.
  • Lobster: This is the king of seafood, if your a lover of seafood you won`t want to miss dishes made from lobsters at Seychelles. Cooked with freshly cut vegetables, chilies sauce and lemon, this meal is one of the most sought after by tourist and locals.


Language: There are three major languages spoken in Seychelles which are Creole, English and French   

Currency: Rubes

Religion: Christianity is the largest practiced religion at Seychelles with about 85.5% of the population and Hinduism with 2.5%

Time zone: (GMT+4)

BEST TIME TO VISIT: It is important to consider the weather when planning a trip to Seychelles, however the temperature at Seychelles is around 30°C all year round, with a mixture of sunshine and tropical showers and sea breeze which disperse the humidity. The best time to visit Seychelles has been proven to be around April, May, October and November because the temperature is calm and soothing and the ocean breeze is relaxing.

HEALTH MEASURE: Ensure you are up to date with your medical routine, as travelling to another state without proper medical check could cause serious health issues. It is recommended that you get vaccinated for

  • Covid 19
  • Polio
  • Measles
  • Influenzal   
  • Chicken Pox
  • Tetanus

  Avoid contaminated water or food and also take precautionary measures against mosquito and bug bites. Maintain a high level of personal hygiene and avoid sharing bodily fluids as well as reduce your exposure to germs.  

 SAFETY MEASURES: Before planning a trip it is important to check the safety of the country or destination you plan on going to. Here are some safety precautions to always keep in mind.

Pay Attention to Warning Sign: Do not ignore warnings and signpost as it can be very dangerous, especially in beaches, mountain climbing or skydiving. It is important for a travel guide or an instructor to be present when exploring places in Seychelles.

Seychelles is relatively safe, however there have been instances of mini theft and break-in but generally it is a safe and peaceful place. In cases were tourist need to use commercial transport, it is advisable to be vigilant of one’s personal belongings and also avoid carrying expensive valuables like eye-catching jewelries, wristwatches and large amount of money on you.

 Avoid flamboyancy as it can attract thieves, make use of safes or vaults provided by the hotel or resort. Be vigilant of isolated or dark places and always carry a phone with mobile service in case of an emergency.

Have you been to Seychelles before? what`s your take, share your experiences by leaving a comment on this post.

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