Travel in Style to Houston Aboard Emirates A380


If airlines earned stars, Emirates would surely have five. In a world marked by an economic downturn, this world-class airline continues to wow its teeming clients all around the world. Little wonder Emirates was recently named ‘Airline of the Year’ at the 2018 Air Transport Awards.

In a further boost of its customer-centric focus and continued delivery of the best in-flight experience, Emirates Airlines has just added Houston to its A380 destination list.

Come on in and let’s take you on a tour of the lavish Emirates A380.

Bonjour Voyageur

Emirates A380's onboard lounge

Welcome aboard Emirates A380 consisting of 14 luxurious private suites in First Class, 76 flatbed seats in Business Class and 426 spacious seats in Economy Class, along with two Shower Spas and the popular A380 Onboard Lounge.

Inside Emirates A380

Pilots' cabin aboard Emirates A380


From the pilots’ cabin to the spacious economy cabin seats, the pictures speak for themselves. Now, clients flying to Houston can travel in style aboard the luxurious double-deck A380.

Superior In-flight Service

2 Smiling flight attendants - Emirates A380


Aboard Emirates A380, the word “amiable” takes on a whole new meaning. You can always count on a crop of ever-cheerful, courteous and competent flight attendants on the planet to cater to your every need.

Comfort and Style

Economy cabin aboard Emirates A380


The seats feature more legroom than the A330, and an award-winning in-flight entertainment system offering some 3,500 channels of love, laughter, and thrills.

Stay Connected

ICE entertainment system - Emirates A380


Stay connected to family, business and more aboard Emirates A380. Yep, every seat has a satellite telephone plus on-screen email and SMS services.

Join the Clique 

Swipe card for in-flight wifi - Emirates A380


One thing is certain – Emirates 20 million Skywards members cannot be wrong. Discover firsthand what continues to endear Emirates to millions of people around the world. Why not take advantage of the current Emirates Nigeria promoBook an Emirates flight to Houston today and experience sheer paradise in the skies.



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