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How to spend 5 perfect Days in Paris

Paris remains one of the most iconic cities in modern Europe. The French capital is known as the city of love, modern Paris symbolizes art, science, commerce, and a must-visit travel destination.

Visiting Paris should be on your travel bucket list and here is how to spend a perfect time whenever you visit.

Standing at 1050 feet tall in the centre of the city, no visitor can help but notice the coolest tower in town.

The Eiffel tower remains one of the most visited paid attraction in the world and since 1889, almost 250 million visitors have come to see the once upon a time tallest man-made structure.

Why should you be the exception?

If I were you my first stop in Paris would definitely be the most iconic Iron lady as it popularly known as.


Source: Pixabay

Paris currently is home to the most visited Museum in the world. The Musée du Louvre is a must visit attraction when you are in the city and will take almost a day to explore its collection from Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman civilizations.

The museum boasts of the famous Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci and for the Snapchat lovers make sure your phones are fully charged because there are more than enough picture positions and stands to get the perfect picture in and around the louvre museum.

Musee Du Louvre
Source: Pexels

With over 50 attractions, fun activities, parks, and live shows to experience – Disneyland, Paris presents to both kids and adults the best avenue for an unlimited eye-popping and thrilling entertainment when you are in the French capital.

From meeting your favourite Disney characters, parades, going on the rides especially the 6 minutes cruise through the dark filled with animated pirates, the whole experience is unforgettable.

Disneyland - Paris

Source: Mini Travellers

As much as Paris stands for urban France, the city still remains a cultural centre for the populace and its visitors.

Exploring nightlife in Paris comes with walks in the park, a cruise on the Seine River for sweethearts, a night out at the Opera, a cultural display show, an urban club or an evening in a typical bar sipping wine.

Nightlife Paris

Source: Pexel

Very few cities can boast of the culinary expertise offered by Paris.

With a vast range of food on the menu in the restaurants you are in for an incredible foodie jaunt.

From street food to the classics you should try some of these at least once – the famous ratatouille, boeuf bourguignon, cassoulet and a lot more.

A trip to the city of romance should be on your mind at this point, you can find flight information from your preferred location to Paris here. You can also contact our holiday experts for an awesome planned trip to the French capital by sending a mail to

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