International Students Returning to the United Kingdom

Despite the uncertainties, UK universities are still available to foreign students, even though the admissions procedures and arrangements could be changed as a result of Covid-19. This may mean later start dates than usual.

Many universities have also introduced a range of Covid-19 support services which can be accessed by current and potential international students to ensure priority is provided to the physical and mental health of the students. Each university can be contacted on what they’re doing to help foreign students.

A survey commissioned by Universities UK showed that the majority of UK higher education institutions will deliver in-person training and face-to – face using social distancing measures. 97 percent of the universities surveyed said they would offer some in-person instruction to students, while 87 percent expect to include in-person leisure, health and wellness programs. So, if you are a foreign student interested in studying in the UK, entry is currently underway and universities across the UK are welcoming international students onto their campuses.

Campuses are available for international students, but there will be a form of hybrid learning, with face-to – face tuition and interactive lectures and seminars meeting the guidelines for social distancing.

However, there’s nothing to worry about social distancing measures whilst on campus as there are new policies adopted by universities which include buildings with distinctly defined points of entrance and exit; sanitizing stations, floor signs and strategies for psychological distancing. Please contact a SI-UK specialist for relevant initiatives for universities.

Student support is also available in each UK University for international students who are worried about sharing accommodation during a time like this. In addition, help and advice is available on how to handle isolation for individuals or groups if anyone exhibits signs of, or is reported to have, Covid-19 as there are government guidelines on isolation in university and college halls of residence and student housing. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is one of the bodies which have provided guidelines for groups of students recommended to self-isolate.

Why Choose Higher Education in the UK?

  • UK is one of the world’s most popular higher education destinations second only to the USA, with over 500,000 foreign students enrolling each year in over 25 subject areas in more than 395 universities
  • Students have the ability to acquire expertise, information, critical thought and relationships to pursue their careers.
  • High-quality postgraduate research programs are also available at most UK universities, with some universities providing Tier 4 visa sponsorship.
  • Schooling in the UK is a fantastic way to broaden your awareness, meet new people, learn a new culture and explore new experiences. You’ll also get plenty of university assistance and the opportunity to explore a wonderful college lifestyle. Whatever your passions, there are many social cubs and groups that promote a vibrant social life.
  • England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales make up the United Kingdom (UK), each offering broad cosmopolitan cities, towns, and countryside villages.
  • Widely diverse food, good transport connections, popular music festivals, and international sports competitions can be found in the UK
  • The United Kingdom is a multicultural population with a rich diversity of cultures, traditions, and religions.
  • You can work while you study as there are plenty holiday jobs available.

However, if you would like to speak to one of our consultants about your latest application or have some concerns about COVID-19 and its consequences for UK testing, check here

Covid-19: Support for International Students

For more advice and assistance, contact your university or school directly for the latest information and recommendations from the UK Government on Covid-19 for students’ health, well-being and wellbeing, check here

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