Its International Women’s Day! Annually, on the 8th of March, the world celebrates international women’s day. This holiday is mainly to spread the message of gender equality and speak up against gender stereotypes. On this day, the world celebrates the achievements of women in every sector and brings attention to the women’s issues.

The theme for this year’s celebration is #BreakTheBias in order to level the playing field. Biases make it hard for women to break through and smash glass ceilings. Going forward, we hope that gender biases and stereotypes are called out and challenged. When women get opportunities, economies and societies thrive.

Today, in the spirit of creating more opportunities for women, we are gifting 8 randomly selected women a chance to become affiliates with Wakanow. This simply means that eight (8) women will undergo trainings to become Wakanow certified affiliates. We all have a duty to empower women and create societies where they can reach their full potentials.

We intend to keep breaking the bias by giving more room for the inclusivity of women in workplaces. This is achievable by helping to forge equality and visibility in all spheres of life. Join us in celebrating women and girls at all levels and do our part in elevating their voices. Happy International Women’s Day!!!

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