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Kenya Airways launches #LetKQTakeYouThere

Africa’s pride of the airspace; Kenya Airways has launched sweet spots to the general public this summer opening its flight schedules to new dreamland destinations and also an increased flight frequency to exciting select destination.

Summertime is no doubt one of the best times to pack your bags and go soak yourself with the goodness of the sun in the right wanderlust destination. Kenya Airways is making sure you have no excuse not to go on that fancy summer trip with after opening flight operations to Geneva and our resuming flights to Rome and Malindi.

Embedded between the Alpine peaks and the hilly terrain of the Jura, Switzerland’s most international city; Geneva – a centre for culture, history, trade fairs, exhibitions and the dream city of any tourist remains a must visit for any traveller.

The least said about Rome the better because you might end up booking a trip to the centre of civilization just after reading this piece – anyways, that’s exactly what we want you to do and go enjoy the perks that come with a city as old as 2600, richness in art, history, architecture, monuments and culture.

Malindi – the centre of a strip of idyllic tropical beaches offering haven seeking visitors a range of world-class resorts and quiet relaxing getaway spots in Kenya, now has flight operations opened again.

Kenya Airways has also increased flight frequencies to top destinations like the Big Apple; New York now daily till September.

Summer destinations in Europe like Amsterdam, Paris will have 2 additional flights weekly making it a total of 9 weekly flights to each of these destinations.

Paris, Amsterdam and London will now have originating flights flying to Rome and Geneva 4 times weekly.

Local flight schedules to Mombasa have now increased from 62 weekly to 66 weekly flights as well as flights to Kisumu.

Flights to the best summer islands on the African continent; Mauritius and Zanzibar will now operate daily. Flights to Kilimanjaro will also operate daily
Cape town tops the cake with 15 flights weekly.

To put it mildly, Kenya Airways this summer is just one carrier ready to make sure you enjoy the season to the fullest.

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