La Campagne Tropicana Beach resort is the world’s first African-themed beach resort popular among tourists. This resort is a spectacular epitome of natural splendor and man-made beauty that is perfect for fun seekers and tourists who want to escape the metropolitan area of Lagos.

This African-themed resort is a 4-star resort in Ibeju-Lekki, Epe Expressway located on the Atlantic coast next to Ikegun Lake. It is on a 65-acre land and features a unique blend of natural ecosystems, which includes the Atlantic Ocean, sandy beach, freshwater lake and a mangrove forest.

Where else would you enjoy an African-themed resort than this first-of-a-kind place. The entire place is synonymous with African –themed relaxation, holiday, fun and sunny beach activities. Taking a tour round this breathtaking resort, you can relax and enjoy the peaceful scenery of the ocean and sea breeze. In addition, you can go scuba diving, horseback riding, kayaking and savour the beauty of the deep blue sea.

The resort offers guests a number of high-quality hotel facilities, including: a restaurant with a variety of local and intercontinental dishes, bar / lounge, excellent security arrangements, 24/7 electricity, large parking area, swimming pool and well-equipped fitness center.

In addition, the chalets feature a number of amenities including: air conditioning, spacious king-size beds with additional two-story double beds in some rooms, sofas, en-suite bathrooms with state-of-the-art bathroom facilities, beautiful interior decor, refrigerator, multi-channel flat-screen television sets, minibar, well-equipped kitchen, tea and coffee making facilities and a balcony where you can view the rest of the resort.

Work out with personal trainers at their professionally fitted aerobic gym; and if you’re a golf fan, have fun playing golf in the resorts’ 27-hole golf course. Also, have fun doing any of these: Camping, sailing, horse riding, quad bikes, hunting, diving, ocean water sailing, aqua aerobics, beach volleyball, beach football, canoeing and camping. Later, step in for a beauty and massage therapy, then step into any of the rooms to relax. The La Campagne Tropicana resort offers a lush and serene atmosphere with 29 chalets and world-class amenities with top-notch services. The room categories are named: Kodi, Lava, Osho, Obailerigi, Obi-Eze, Anago and Ilerimi.

The other facilities at the resort for visitors include: BBQ centre, luxurious tents, airport shuttle, car hire and laundry services.

On the resort grounds, delight yourself with the rich cultural dance display offered to residents and visitors. Wet your mouth, too, by having fresh palm wine at an oceanfront palm bar, where you can enjoy an excellent view of the ocean. The on-site restaurant has some of Nigeria’s tasty meals, plus you can indulge in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages whilst there.

At La campagne Tropicana, visitors have always been spoilt for choice since 1984.

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