Here are the latest flight deals on If you are traveling between 8th of February – 22nd of February 2016, take advantage of our affordable air fares to various destinations specially selected just for you on your favorite airlines. 

Please note these fares are valid till February 22nd, 2016


Lagos – Dubai from ₦120,508
Lagos – Abu Dhabi from ₦120,781
Lagos – Alain from ₦128,131
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Lagos – Dubai from ₦154,411
Lagos – London from ₦196,195
Lagos – Houston from ₦293,545

Abuja – Dubai from ₦162,561
Abuja – London from ₦208,522
Abuja – Houston from ₦259,735

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Lagos – Dubai from ₦118,479
Lagos – Nairobi from ₦155,000
Lagos – Kigali from ₦94,2888

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Lagos – New York from ₦319,222.00
Lagos – Houston from ₦347,462.00
Lagos – Atalanta from ₦344,418.00

Abuja – New York from ₦219,382
Abuja – Houston from ₦255,022
Abuja – Atalanta from ₦278,582

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Lagos – Qatar from ₦115,561

Lagos – London from ₦149,419
Lagos – Singapore from ₦307,392

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Lagos – Paris from ₦178,948
Lagos – London from ₦178,948
Lagos – Sao polo from ₦228,720

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All fares are subject to change and availability. Call 07009252669 or Email for more details

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