First of all, if Marrakech isn’t on your travel bucket list, you need to insert it ASAP. In this blog post, we’re going to explore what you should expect and places you should visit on a trip to Marrakech.
An amazing city in Morocco that would definitely captivate your heart with its history, charm and beauty. This city is probably the most touristy city in Morocco: full of bustling souks, nice riads (hotels) and natives trying to get you to try something. Want to know how to go about visiting? Follow Wakanow holiday pages on all social media platforms. Let’s get to it:

Places To Visit

Dar Si Said Museum: This is a haven for art lovers as this museum is an exciting mixture of historic and contemporary Moroccan art. The brightly coloured mosaics make for the perfect picturesque location (Hey instagrammers!)

Musee Yves Saint Laurent: Once the home of fashion designer – Yves Saint Laurent, it now contains his collection of clothes, work, accessories and lots more. If you can, get tickets at a time when there’s not a lot of people, to get the best experience.

Djemaa El Fna: The most popular square in Marrakech, is home to snake- charmers and a bustling market. Whatever time of day you choose to visit, you can be sure to find something exciting to grasp your attention.

Bahia Palace: The magnificent Bahia palace is one place you shouldn’t miss out on. Its stunning architecture and endless courtyards are what every traveler’s dreams are made of. Ensure you go when there’s no rush to get the very best experience.

What You Should Know

: The official currency in Morocco is Dirhams.

Language: Arabic, English and French are commonly spoken in Morocco. Although, English is popular in most cities with tourists, it is important to learn a few words of Arabic and French for daily use.

Weather: The weather in Marrakech is warm all year although the summer months can be a lot hotter.

What to pack: Remember that Morocco is an Islamic country and as such, do not go along with skimpy clothings.

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