Easter is fast approaching, and what better way to spend it than going to a city of your choice? As usual, we have lots of locations for you to explore. Looking to visit the Egyptian pyramids, or visit the dead sea in Jordan? Or are you thinking of going on a vacation but you’re short on cash? Whatever your travel plans are for Easter? We’ve got them right at your finger tips!

With the Pay small small plan, your Easter holiday plans just got a lot easier. Taking advantage of this means you can save up to 150% on flight fares once you purchase the ‘early bird’ tickets. All you need to do is find your desired destination and lock down your holiday deals.

Wakanow’s pay small small plan is a flexible way to pay for your travels without breaking the bank. With this payment plan, all you need to do, is to make a 25% down payment of the total cost of your travel. Pick a payment plan that is suitable for you and pay the rest in convenient instalments. Voila!

We are always looking to take some burden off you which is why the Pay Small Small plan is available to a Wakanow customers. All payments are made with cards and after your last payment instalment, you get your ticket.

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