Hey! Aren’t you tired of going to same old boring holiday destinations? Tired of your romantic getaways turning into family get-togethers? Looking for a holiday destination that is different, relaxing and unbelievably amazing? Then the tropical archipelago (more than one island) of Zanzibar is the right place for you. Hold tight, you are about to be wowed.


Zanzibar is a paradise that is highlighted by its mirror-like white sands and breath-taking views of the Indian Ocean. There is so much to see, smell and eat on the wonderful island just off the coast of Tanzania (yes, it’s in Africa!). We did a post on top 10 affordable things to do in Zanzibar three years ago but if you missed it, or you are wondering why Zanzibar is right for you? Let’s go:

#1. Beaches

Pristine beach in Zanzibar

Pristine beach in Zanzibar

Few things are as relaxing as full days spent soaking in the Zanzibar sun. There are beaches that are perfect for days of rest and relaxation. These picture-perfect beaches like Jambiani, Paje, Matemwe and Kendwa offer the best experiences for pleasure seekers who are itching to fly out to this amazing destination.


#2. Stone Town

Stone Town (source:

Any trip to Zanzibar is incomplete without a stop at Stone Town. This former capital of Zanzibar Sultanate is the cultural and historical heart of Zanzibar. It boasts of houses built with coral stones (hence the name ‘Stone Town’), mosques, wonderful cafes, restaurants, shops and bazaars. If you love keepsakes then you can buy many of the trinkets and souvenirs available and capture some of Stone Town’s magic.

#3. Diving and Snorkelling

A little water doesn't hurt.

A little water doesn’t hurt now, does it?

 You don’t want to go to Zanzibar without getting wet! How about scuba diving, parasailing and snorkelling? Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! The waters are so clear, you would wonder what happened to our beaches here. Getting to interact with some of the beautiful marine-wildlife is definitely a highlight. Don’t forget to take your swimming suit along!


#4. Forodhani Gardens


Forodhani Gardens Market at Night (source:

 This one is for the foodies! Stone Town’s Forodhani Gardens, located in Stone Town,  has been known to be a haven for street-food enthusiasts. Food vendors present entrees of freshly grilled seafood, meat and local side dishes. Be sure to sample a Zanzibar pizza, a fried piece of dough filled with minced meat, chopped onion, tomato and egg! Who’s hungry already? Whatever you do, immersing yourself in the cuisine is always a great way to get closer to local culture.


#5. Spice Tour 

Spices (source:

Spices (source:

An often overlooked gem in the Zanzibar experience is the Spice Tour. For those interested in culture and history, a trip to the spice farm  is an activity not to be missed! Visitors will be treated to a cocktail of smells and tastes of spices, herbs and tropical fruits such as lemongrass, cinnamon, vanilla, black pepper coconuts, papaya, chilli, or jackfruit. Visitors can also learn how they are cultivated. The tour includes a local lunch prepared by ingredients from the farm.

Zanzibar is full of world-class resorts and hotels that will be sure to add comfort and security to your holiday experience. After all that’s been said, you should be thinking of flying out to Zanzibar right now. Well, good news – June to October are the months with the perfect weather for an optimal holiday experience!


Zanzibar is a must-see for everyone!

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