Make Ram Suya This Sallah Season

Suya is the epitome of Nigeria’s street food which originates from Northern Nigeria.  Suya brings an alternative to American style barbeque with crunchy onions, cabbage and extra spice called Yaji. With delightful naija music in your local beer parlour and a surprising absence of crockery; Suya is mostly served in your local newspaper.

Coming straight to your tabletops is an assortment of freshest quality beef or ram fillet all generously seasoned with spicy Yaji which is a unique blend of kuli kuli (groundnut/peanut butter deep fried till crunchy), ground ginger, pepper flakes, stock cubes and salt to come up with the Suya. It is served with chunks of onions, tomatoes cabbage and cucumber, perfect with a cold soft drink or beer.

A local favorite in very part of Nigeria for decades, it is similar to kebabs which originates from the Middle East. Suya originates from Northern Nigeria probably because the Northerners in Nigeria have meat featuring heavily in their cuisines and dishes due to the fact that they are known for rearing cattle and other livestock.

To make Suya, get the yaji spice, then soak the grill sticks for some hours to avoid burning in the grill. Have your meats thinly sliced and skewered on the beef, then oil the meat and marinate it in the combination of spices with the yaji. Roast each side on a grill and munch it with some cut onions, tomatoes or cabbage. Make it extra hot with extra yaji on the side if you wish.

The star on the drinks list would be a refreshing drink such as cocktail, mocktail, soft drinks or beer.

Suya is a must have this Sallah season as you can use ram meat instead of beef fillet.

Bon Apetit!

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