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So many people fly everywhere these days that you might think road trips are a thing of the past. This is not actually the case. There is no denying that the lure of the road is strong; it almost seems embedded in our very makeup. There is a richness to traversing the land an inch at a time that is absent from the experience of climbing into a metal canister and climbing out at your destination. If this is what you’re looking for on your next trip, then these tips will help you make the most of it:

1. Get the oil changed and your fluids checked before you leave.

Make sure your vehicle is road trip ready before you leave.  Have the oil changed, fill up on windshield wiper fluid and make sure you have your license, registration and insurance up to date – and actually in the car with you.

2.  Go with family or friends

Good companionship can make all the difference on a road trip.  The longer the trip, the more compatible you better be with the person(s) you plan to be confined in a car with for hours on end.
3. Take turns driving.

It’s nice to get a break from the driving.  It’s also nice to get a break from just sitting and watching out the window.  If you can drive, don’t be afraid to do some of the driving.

4.  Bring your own music.

Prepare yourself for inevitable stereostatic with ample backup music.  Bring twice as much as you think you’ll listen to. Don’t be afraid to turn it up and sing along at the top of your lungs.

5. Bring sunglasses and sunscreen.

Sunglasses will prevent squinting and eye strain.  Sunscreen will prevent an embarrassing sunburn on one half of your body and cancer.

6. Bring your own food and drinks.

Convenient store food is fine up to a point, but if you’re going to be spending hours (or days) in a vehicle, plan ahead and bring food that doesn’t suck.  If you are traveling with kids, pack as many snacks as possible to avoid the need for sharing.

7.  Get gas before you’re on E.

When you’re driving in unfamiliar territory, you never know when the next gas station will come up – or whether or not it will be open.  Start looking for your next pit stop when you hit the 3/4 tank mark to avoid any long walks by the side of the road with the little red gas can.

8. Use the bathroom every time you stop.

Whether you’re stopping for food (I told you so!) or to fill up with gas, spend the extra few minutes to hit the restroom.  If you don’t, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find yourself having to pee about 15 minutes after you’re back on the road.

There are so many other road trip tips but we’ll let you make some suggestions in the comments section. Give it a go, will you?


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