One way to reward yourself this year is to open your mind to new perspectives about the world around you through travel. The clock has started ticking away for the New Year. With almost 96 hours into 2017, we have handpicked some of the smart ways to get the very best out of your travel in the New Year.

Explore your own backyard

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We often make the mistake of thinking the grass is greener on other destinations. But the truth is that if you are patient enough to look within, there are always tons of awesome, untapped destinations and fun spots around your local community. The interesting part is that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to dive into these local destinations and experience the same thrill that comes with every remarkable destination.

Do more solo travel

Travel plans 2017

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You probably have heard the saying, “to wander is to be alive.” But nothing beats the kick of wandering and probing the world alone. True, there’s nothing wrong spending your vacation with loved ones, but travelling and soaking in all the excitement alone can be quite invigorating. There is something truly magical about getting to discover the mysteries, stories and energy of the world just by yourself and without the slightest form of distraction by anyone. If you are used to group trips with family members, friends or business associates, ensure to have tailored getaways just for you this year.

Don’t have a travel wish list? Get one

Travel plans 2017

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This year is not only the best time of your life to experience the very best of travel, it also offers the best opportunity to satisfy the travel fantasies you have held so dear all your life. Imagine taking a dive into those wonderful places you have always wanted to visit. Imagine the fun of connecting first-hand with those adventures you loved and craved on National Geography. So pull out your bucket list of travel fantasies and stick it right on your wall this year. And most importantly, work towards achieving, at least, some of them.

Go for unusual holiday experiences

Travel plans 2017

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In life, there’s nothing as dreary as monotony; doing the same thing over and again. It is same with travel. Now, imagine how boring it can be exploring the same destinations you visited last year. And nothing bores the soul to death than rooting for a particular destination just because everyone else does same.

This year, delve into the center of ancient treasures and contemporary cultural delights in the heart of Marrakech, Morocco, and go all the way up the stunning Atlas Mountains and experience the rich amalgam of European, Arabian and African cultures. Go for a mountain cottage relaxation at the Cederberg Mountains in the Western Cape of South Africa. Feel the pulse of history and tradition at the Muzanze Caves in Rwanda.

Learn a new language

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Language is one of the major determinants of a successful vacation. So, brave the odds this year and learn a new language, and then take a step further by exploring a destination where that language is spoken. This helps to deepen your connections and inter-cultural alliances, reduces your chances of being a target of attack in new destinations, etc.

Challenge your conventions and beliefs

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There are just too many travel misconceptions being bandied around over the centuries. This year, make one of the best decisions of your life to flip the pages and challenge these travel myths. Think travel is expensive and only meant for the rich? You think couch surfing in a stranger’s home is unsafe? You think Africa is less exciting than most European destinations? How wrong! So, do yourself a big favor this year to see the world from unconventional lenses.

Have a remarkable travel year!

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