I’m back guys! I’m going to take you on my awesome Nairobi-Kenya adventure. Are you pumped?

Nairobi, Kenya

Day 5 – Nairobi Turn Up and Nature Time!

We waved goodbye to Swahili Beach Resort in Diani and headed to the airport. At the airport, the check-in process was quick and easy and before I knew it, I was on a 1-hour flight to Nairobi.

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

The Wakanow meet-and-greet service welcomed us in Nairobi and we arrived at the DusitD2 Hotel in Nairobi – the true definition of chic.

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

After I had settled in at the hotel I was Zoo-ready! We went to the Giraffe Centre where tourists get to feed them. Let me just put it out there, I’m not a big fan of animals that are not in a pot, so I stayed ‘three giraffe necks’ away… lol.

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

I also got to meet Pumbaaa!! hehehe.
Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

At lunchtime, some of us were busy sampling local Kenyan food but, me? Nah! Hello, fried rice and chicken. It’s better to be safe than sorry and as you know, fried chicken is forever bae! Drag the matter with my chicken abeg.

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

For more mouthwatering Kenyan dishes, click here.

I got the flu in Nairobi, probably because the weather in Nairobi was much colder than Mombasa but I was determined not to let a minute go to waste during this exciting adventure.  #bornchampion

Day 6 – Gun Sport, Delish Buffet, and Fiesta!

Saturday was a beautifully sunny day in Nairobi. First stop was the Rifle Club for some target practice lessons. As a confam bad guy! I started forming James Bond at the indoor shooting range. It was just packaging o,  because I had never touched a gun in my whole life. I was legit scared after I took my first shot. Before I comman kill someone.

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

Now, that’s Mr Riaz of the Kenya Regiment Rifle Club, the nicest man ever! He ran me through the safety measures and taught me how to shoot. I even hit the bull’s eye. Osheeeyyyy baddestttttt!

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

Next stop – Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi. They serve all sorts of meat here. From chicken, beef, rabbit and crocodile… yes! I said crocodile! The food was delish and the only way the waiters stop serving you all sorts is when you put down the flag. Trust your girl, I ate for all my ancestors combined… and I could literally hear them thanking me for the good meal.

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

We also had a local drink called “Dawa” – vodka and honey but I don’t drink alchy so I had a Virgin Dawa. Refreshingly different kind of drink.

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

What better way to end the night than in a club? It was like daytime in Kiza – the music was live and the people were even live-r. Talk about making epic memories. Ever heard of a hot toddy? That’s what I had because of my cold. I hit the dance floor and let my hair down. Sorry Davido, I’m the coolest kid in Africa … at least, for tonight.

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – NairobiMade my way back to dusitD2 in the wee hours of the morning. Slept like a baby … the gorgeous baby that I really am. 😉  

Day 7 – Casting Memories In Stone!

Sunday morning! I realised my epic adventure was coming to an end. Actual tears!

We changed hotels early on Sunday. Bonjour Southern Sun Mayfair, Nairobi. This hotel was too lush! With the bestest beds, I wonder what it was made from? But the welcome was so warm – with a bottle of wine on my bed -, felt like we had been friends from time!

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

I went souvenir shopping at the famous Maasai market in Nairobi. I’ve never seen so much artwork in one place. There were curios, paintings, drawings, clothes and fabrics with East African prints, jewellery, and different sculptures. I obvy bought some nice jewellery, as a PYT!

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

After shopping, your girl was super hungry. So, I found my way to a Ghanaian restaurant. It felt like an oasis in the desert. The drinks were super cold, I was pretty sure I’d catch an Eskimo lurking around.

No Eskimo turned up though. No big deal. I have a tummy full of ice cold drink. Who cares? So, I made my way back to the hotel after an exciting day and had a full crash session! Let’s just say I had the best of both worlds.

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

Day 8 – Homeward Bound!

It was Monday morning. Take me back to the beginning of the trip! *Sigh* but like they say- whatever has a beginning must have an ending.

I took a long warm shower, packed up my stuff and got ready for check out.

Boarding was seamless. Kenya Airways remained a classic true hero. 

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

I landed in Nigeria, happy to be back with fond memories of a most memorable vacation. Boyz2Men on my mind … It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

Part 2: Maraji In Kenya – Nairobi

And just like that my Kenya trip came to an end!


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