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Must-See Destinations in 2022

A new year is almost here and nothing is as exciting as getting all your plans ready. If you’re reading this, travel is probably one of your main plans for 2022 and with Covid-19 still very much around, travel can be a bit tricky. Its important to be sure of the countries that have opened up for tourist activities. We’re going to explore must-see destinations that will be great for you to visit in the new year 2022. Let’s go!


Home to river Nile, the Pyramids and the Sphinx, this transcontinental country has a very rich history. With Wakanow, you get a visa on Arrival in Egypt after you must have taken a PCR test within 48 hours of departure. This simply means that when you travel with Wakanow, you get a visa when you arrive in Egypt and spend 7 nights in two cities: Cairo and Sharm El- Sheikh. Explore the pyramids, the Sphinx, museums and many more things in Egypt.

Currency: Egyptian pounds

Best time to visit: October – April

Ancient Egypt - Wikipedia


If you describe Namibia as Africa’s hidden gem, you won’t be wrong. This beautiful Southern African country has so much beauty to offer including the fact that the Namib desert meets the Atlantic ocean here. Its very rich history featuring German influence and eventually its independence from South Africa makes you understand a lot about the country. Visit Etosha national park, Fish river Canyon, Skeleton coast, Namib desert and many more. Read more about Namibia here.

Currency: Namibian dollar

Best time to visit: July – October

Namibia's Capitol City Pioneers DPR for the World | California Water  Environment Association

Dubai, U.A.E.

The most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. The impressive and rapid growth of the country makes it a top destination for tourists in 2022. Dubai is home to the biggest airport in the middle east so it serves as a connecting point to many continents. This makes it easy for many tourists to gain access into the country. You can find more information about Dubai here.

Currency: Dirhams

Best time to Visit: November – April

Traveling to Dubai during Covid-19: What you need to know before you go |  CNN Travel

What else are you waiting for? Get your bags packed and enjoy the new year!

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