Must see places in Addis Ababa, the Ancient city of Civilization

Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia is an intriguing indigenous city strategically located at the center of the country. The city buzz with aged-long culture with beautiful Italian edifice sited at every nook and crannies of the city. Addis Ababa has been termed as the cradle of humankind, as a result of the discovery of extinct hominids; making it the nation’s hub for exploration and tourism.

Masterpieces such as the National Museum of Ethiopia, Addis Fine Art, The Mausoleum of Menelik ii, as well as other Ethiopian Orthodox sites and treasures, depicts the important events in Ethiopian history.

We shall highlight amongst others, a few places that gives credence to our article.

National Museum of Ethiopia

This museum houses sections of Ethiopian artefacts which include the fossil called “Lucy” (Australopithecus), Objects from Ancient and Medieval period, Art works of traditional and contemporary artists, as well as Regalia and Memorabilia of past rulers including Emperor Haile Selassie.

National Museum of Ethiopia

Addis Fine Art

This art gallery is an innovative program which seeks to promote exhibitions, talks, events, and showcases Ethiopian artists of the contemporary and modern times. Addis Fine Art serves as a grooming ground for emerging talents in Ethiopia. Its presence encourages local artists and those in diaspora to return to Africa to develop and display their artistic skills.

The Mausoleum of Menelik ii

This historical masterpiece serves as the resting place of Emperor Menelik ii. In addition, access is given to Visitors to see historical paintings, artefacts, and memorabilia pertaining to Emperor Menelik.

The Mausoleum of Menelik ii

In addition, a trip to Addis Ababa affords you the opportunity of seeing relics of one of the oldest civilizations, as well as a good sightseeing experience. Meanwhile, traditional Ethiopian food and dance are on constant display throughout the city.

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