How To Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are perfect for exploring the beautiful environment around.  Whether it’s  a solo trip, couple getaway, family escape or even an all girls trip, the open road is irresistible!

Here are easy ways to ensure you have the perfect road trip this season


Most times this open road adventure has a time limit to it, to ensure driving in the night time is avoided. It can be argued that the best parts of road trips are the unplanned bits which make the best memories. However,  with a plan you can ensure driving time is spot on.


  • Let someone know your whereabouts  

It’s very important that either a family member or your close friend knows your location on the road trip. An update will put minds at rest and a follow up text on your exact location will go a long way. We don’t hope for the worst but let’s be real there are weird people in the universe, at least someone will know your location.


  • Spare Keys and Key Essentials

You will need a spare of everything – phone, phone charger and yes, your car keys. It may seem very obvious to people but trust us some are very forgettable. You should also double check the following things are available- a tire iron, fire extinguisher, reflector and a functioning spare tire


  • Make A Car Sick Kit available                                                                              Source: PintrestIt will be really unfortunate to ruin your Christmas road trip because of that uncomfortable feeling of car sickness. Not to worry a car sick kit will solve the problem in no time, it should have- peppermint, wipes, freezer bags and bottled water.
  • Snacks

  • Source: YouTube

It’s a good idea to keep your mouths busy while being on a road trip. Something light will do just fine to help fight the hunger and prevent restaurant stops.


With these few tips we assure you of a fun filled car trip ride, don’t forget to share any tips we might have missed out on.


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