4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Dubai Parks and Resorts 

You don’t have to see the inscription “Adventure” seated in solemn repose atop the Adventure Zone Gate at Legoland or the sheer splendour and architectural finish that reverberate throughout Dubai. For a destination which has been described as the city of the future with the magic of the present, there’s no destination in the entire UAE that can withstand the allure of this glitzy city.

Apart from its range of quintessential beach resorts and tectonic masterpieces that radiate everything amazing, the recent addition of Dubai Parks and Resorts to this travellers’ haven makes Dubai a city where the gulf between fantasy and reality is blurred, and where the present is in constant conversation with the future.

Located on the ever-bustling Sheik Zayed Road, this super-imposing $2.8billion multi-themed park is set to redefine how the world sees leisure and entertainment, with experiences and attractions that are worth your every penny. What makes this destination even cosier is the remarkable detail and charm that shine through every page of your experience.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider exploring this heaven on earth this Christmas.

Unique attractions for everyone

Whether you are a millennial enthralled in the world of virtual reality or you simply delight in the picturesque setting of rural adventures, this iconic park is one spot where age and social orientation don’t count, and where all shades and colours of interests are well catered for. At the Smurfs Village, for instance, you can experience the fictional world of small blue humanoids who inhabit mushroom-sized houses in the thick of the forest. The presence of engaging play zones and family rides makes this destination a fun hotspot for everyone.

It’s an entertainment haven

lionsgate dubai parks

Away from the razzmatazz of Burj Khalifa and the exhilarating thrill of Palm Jumeirah, the Dubai Parks and Resorts is the only destination in the entire world where you connect with the remarkable wonders of the motion world inspired by the world’s biggest movie industries – Hollywood and Bollywood.  The Bollywood Parks provides a foretaste of the widely acclaimed Indian movie industry in an 850-seater theatre. In one world, the Dubai Parks and Resorts offer highly entertaining live shows in an ambience inspired by some of the greatest blockbusters of all time.

It’s a special fun spot for kids

Dubai Park

Visiting Dubai any soon on a vacation? You don’t have to leave the kids behind for grandma any longer. As you dive freely into the dazzle of this amazing city, your kids could plunge into the fascinating Bollywood Film Studio where they encounter their favourite superheroes like Shaktimaan, RA and Krrish. Or you could turn the pages to Legoland Water Park which boasts of over 20 slides and several theme attractions that get your kids boogying all day with excitement. This entertainment hub boasts of a whopping 15,000 LEGO model structures made from well over 60,000 LEGO slabs, featuring adventurous rides, roller-coasters and major landmarks across the Middle East.

A place to experience the Polynesian culture

Dubai Parks

Culture is everything, and when a culture wields the sort of appeal as compelling as the Polynesian heritage, it becomes difficult to be dismissed with a wave of the hand. Seated at the heart of Dubai Parks and Resort is the tribal-themed Lapital Hotel that invites guests to a world of curiosity and culture, courtesy of the Polynesia heritage of over 1,000 islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean. At this park, you could embark on a culinary escapade for a first-hand encounter with these cultures through delicious foods in the signature dining restaurants. It is an ideal spot where the world stands still while you connect and share unforgettable experiences with loved ones.

Not sure where to have that perfect Christmas vacation just yet? Exploring the magnificent sights of these parks and resorts with our Dubai Parks and Resorts Packages is the best way to experience this world’s classical destination.

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