Can you hear the cheer of the crowds? Are you ready for the season? It’s only a few days to the biggest football festival in the World! but before you follow the Super Eagles all the way, here are some Russia2018 travel tips. We hope they come in handy 🙂

Tip 1 – Russia’s Currency

Russia2018 Travel Tips

  • The local currency in Russia is the Rouble. It is deemed illegal to pay for general transactions in Russia using any other cash but the Rouble.
  • You can buy some Roubles before departure as it is a good idea to have some on you when you arrive in Russia.
  • Planning to just exchange when you get to Russia? Then you should only use the US Dollars/ Euros.
  • Only change currencies at a reputable foreign exchange outlet – you will find them in banks or hotels. – It is illegal to change money with the street vendors.
  • Withdrawing money from an ATM? Do it during the day at a bank.

Tip 2 – Getting Around Safely in Russia

Russia2018 Travel Tips

  • Good news for all the Russia2018 fans; Public transport is free so long as you carry your FAN ID.
  • Public transport in major Russian cities is easy to use, affordable and runs frequently. However, keep in mind that most of the signs are written in Cyrillic so you might need some help deciphering from the locals.
  • Always be alert! Be aware of your surroundings and guard your belongings whether you are going for a stroll or using the transportation options.
  • Use a licensed taxi rather than walking alone – especially at night.
  • Wakanow provides Airport transfers, match-day transfers, city tours, and boat cruises – all making your Russia2018 experience easy and fun packed. It can all be added to your Russia2018 itinerary when you book with us.

Tip 3 – Accommodation Bants

Russia2018 Travel Tips

Source: Andrew Harper

  • Accommodation during Russia2018 will be extremely expensive (at least for Russian standards) and it only makes sense to book it as early as possible.
  • Wakanow provides affordable hotels which feature the home away from home feeling in Russia. You might really want to jump on that real soon. 🙂
  • Keep in mind that hotels/ hostels will not allow guests to check in without a passport, a migration card, and a Fan ID or Russian visa. So be sure to have these on you.

Tip 4 – Safety During the World Cup

Russia2018 Travel Tips

  • Even as the World Cup will be hosted across 11 cities, safety will be a priority for the event organizers and Russian authorities.
  • Tourist police will be present in central Moscow where most fans will be based. These officers speak many languages and will be able to assist tourists with inquiries and help maintain proper public behaviour.
  • The number for emergencies in Russia is 112
  • Security at the stadiums will be tight! We are talking about screening areas, bag searches, and detectors – The whole works!
  • Avoid taking a bag as it will be taken from you until the game is finished.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the stadium so you don’t end up spending half the game time in the security queue – You really don’t want to be that person.
  • One more thing, don’t bother bringing the Vuvuzela – they aren’t allowed in. 🙁

Tip 5 – Other Safety Measures (Yeah! I know – it’s a lot!).

Russia2018 Travel Tips

  • Avoid carrying large amounts of money or other valuables.
  • Protect yourself from credit card fraud – be careful when choosing a form of payment for goods and services.
  • Random document checks in Russia are not strange. Don’t be caught unawares – carry your passport, Fan ID, and hotel registration with you at all times.
  • Make and keep photocopies of passports, visas, credit cards, and other important documents so you have a backup if original documents are lost or stolen.
  • Don’t drink cheap alcohol bought in small off-license stores – It could most often be fake alcohol and you’ll end up in a hospital.
  • Don’t drink on the streets – this can get you into trouble with the police even during the World Cup.

Tip 6 – The Weather and Health Measures

Russia2018 Travel Tips

  • While there are no required vaccinations for a Russia travel, you should be up to date with the routine ones.
  • Feeling the need to pledge your allegiance to football or a particular player or country by getting a tattoo? … Don’t! HIV/AIDS exists even in Russia. There is also the risk of contracting Hepatitis B or other diseases.
  • If you need an ambulance, dial 103.
  • Pack clothing for all season – Russia’s weather can be very varied and highly unpredictable. One city can be sun-kissed and the other cold.

Tip 7 – What to Shop for in Russia

Russia2018 Travel Tips

  • Souvenirs! They are unique and inexpensive. A common souvenir is the colourful decorated wooden Matryoshka doll – a set of dolls within dolls. Enamelled wooden boxes known as Palekh are also popular.
  • Everything from badges to the “fluffy brown hat” is a must buy.
  • Also, winter clothing such as coats and boots are often less expensive in Russia – it’s never too late to plan for the winter season.
  • Watches previously made for the Russian military are available in myriad designs as well as camera and lens brands such as FED, Kiev, and Zorki

Tip 8 – Visiting Churches in Russia (Just in case)

Russia2018 Travel Tips

  • When visiting churches, cathedrals and monasteries women need to cover their heads and bare shoulders with scarves.
  • At some religious places, women are also required to wear a long wrap-around skirt, which is often provided to allow entry.
  • For men, say no to shorts and hats when visiting churches.

Tip 9 – How’s the WiFi?

Russia2018 Travel Tips

  • High-speed WiFi is widely available across Russia’s cities and larger towns.
  • Most of the hotels, restaurants, bars, and cafes offer free WiFi.

Tip 10 – Let’s Talk Time Zones

Russia2018 Travel Tips

  • Russia no longer observes Daylight Saving Time, so from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October, Russia is 2 hours ahead of GMT.
  • The city of Yekaterinburg falls in a different time zone to Moscow and St Petersburg and is 5 hours ahead of GMT.
  • All timetables on Russian Railways follow Moscow Time while airports follow local time.

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