Serenity & Tranquility at Tortuga Island, Calabar

Nigeria has many unexplored places that are a treat and can refresh your mind, body, and soul, and Calabar in Cross River state is one of such places. It’s an ideal getaway city for a weekend or an extended vacation and is perfect for visiting with family or with friends. Besides, Tortuga Island is located in Marina resort garden. This resort serves as the ideal host to ensure you get to explore a little more of Tortuga. The resort serves as a recreation center and a historic site with its slave history museum, speedboat rides, cinema, nightclub and cinema. Marina resort is well-equipped with comfort and tranquility, and is surrounded with umpteen scenic views of the Calabar river.

Tortuga Island is a popular resort, although not actually an Island, and you can find it when you drive down the Central bank road off eleven eleven roundabout in Calabar city. There you are ushered into a lush green lawn which cascades down to the resort where you will find various plantation themed bars for a sit down, drink, grills and a serene experience. The colonial theme bars can be found in the stunning landscaped gardens to provide a panoramic view of the river.

In Tortuga island, let your eyes savour the serenity, beauty and wonder of nature as it is better appreciated when it is looked at in its entirety. Then whilst sitting, grab a drink at the plantation-themed bar and try some finger foods, Cross River delicacies or grills such as grilled beef or fish while you watch the sunset, the beauty of nature. In addition, you cannot afford to miss watching the flow of the Calabar river flowing affectionately along Tortuga Island.

This Island (resort) is better enjoyed with your significant other, for your honeymoon, renewing of your marriage vows, holiday or get-away as you stroll down the beach holding hands and gazing into each other’s’ eyes.

Seeking some serene and peaceful destination where you can enjoy some romantic vibes and create good memories? The best cure for such moments is to pack your bags and travel to some beautiful destinations such as Tortuga Island in Calabar.

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