Singapore is an island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia and its territory consists of one main island, 63 satellite islands and islets, and one outlying islet. The country has experienced extensive land reclamation projects. English is the country’s official language although there are four official Singaporean languages which reflects its rich cultural diversity. This has led to major festivals and extensive ethnic cuisine.

Here are some of the things Singapore is known for:

  • Spectacular airport:  Changi Airport in Singapore is one of the best layouts for tourists arriving or visiting Singapore. Its a large modern airport, complete with amenities such as a free cinema, flower gardens and even a swimming pool.
  • Clean city: Singapore is famous for having some of the cleanest streets in the world , mainly because of the cleaning of the streets by its large cleaning workforce of over 50,000 people.
  • Greenery: Singapore is known as the Garden City, because of the well-manicured and managed lawns in public places  
  • The Marina Bay Skyline: The view in Singapore is especially beautiful in the evening, with its many skyscrapers of the Central Business and Marina Bay Financial Districts as well as iconic structures, such as the Esplanade, Helix Bridge, and Merlion.
  • Year round summer: Its summer all-year round with temperatures ranging from 28-34 degrees Celsius all year round. So there’s so much to do and loads of fun to have.
  • Multiple shopping malls: Orchard Road in Singapore has a long stretch of shopping malls. Recently almost every major district has a shopping mall. People from all-over some to these malls to shop or have air-conditioned afternoon.

There are so many attractions in Singapore, however these we will focus on two:


Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park in Sentosa Island, Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa. It is the second theme park in Asia (Japan being the first) and the first in Southeast Asia to be opened by Universal Studio. The park offers 28 tours, displays and attractions in seven themed areas. There are various attractions and exhibits which are all connected to the film studios’ biggest hit movies.

This theme park is the second in Asia after Japan, and occupies approximately 20 hectares with 18 original attractions. It’s a smart idea to spend a day exploring the circular park and enjoying all the rides and attractions it offers. In the 9 months since its opening in 2009, Universal Studios Singapore has drawn more than two million visitors.


Treat your senses to the exciting buzz this vibrant city  has to offer. A Marina Bay tour is sure to bombard the senses. Despite land reclamation works beginning only in the 1970s, the area is nothing short of a miracle.

Singapore ‘s famous Marina Bay is the place to visit the city’s most spectacular things to do. With this cosmopolitan city-state’s rapid growth, the entire Marina Bay area has undergone epic transformation. Marina Bay reflects everything from thrilling recreational areas to fashionable restaurants.

The Marina Bay Sands complex is the focal point for the bay, and the epic building as well as the scientific museum, the casino and a range of shopping, dining and nightlife options offer great things to do and see in the area. Check out the dazzling lightshow at Marina Bay, which illuminates the water and some of the symbols you’ve most likely seen on post cards and pictures.

Soak in Singapore’s busy bay at sunset as you stroll along the city ‘s coastline that never sleeps. Marvel at the stunning Singapore skyline architectural collection at Marina Bay. The Merlon statue which is the national symbol of Singapore, overlooks the Bay of Marina.

Some of the city’s most distinctive architectural landmarks are found in the Marina Bay region, including the floating Marina Bay Sands structure and the charming Esplanade. Look at the architectural icon series marking Marina Bay ‘s spectacular skyline.

Plan a holiday to this breathe-taking city, filled with warmth, cultural diversity and beauty.

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