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It’s a few days to New Year’s and we know that you might be fixing up travel plans for 2022. In order to make things a lot easier when choosing your holiday destination, we’ve grouped a few countries by the languages they speak. Read all about French Speaking Vacation Spots.

Spanish is a widely spoken language around the world, with roughly over 500 million speakers. When thinking of visiting Spanish speaking countries, you can be sure that you have more than a few options to choose from. Get ready to be fascinated about the influence of Spanish culture on other countries. Let’s go!


This beautiful country in Latin America is home to tons of beaches and resorts. It’s therefore no surprise that its a top destination for tourists who are looking to enjoy sunny beaches and eat delicious meals. Think Mexico, think visiting lovely places like Cancun, Puerto Vallerta, Cabo, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and many more. Mexico offers you endless parties, lovey beaches, rich history, exotic foods and very warm people. Try out tacos and quesadillas, as you can find them anywhere from street food stalls to high end restaurants. Treat your palates to a feast by trying out tostadas, Enchiladas and Tamale.

Best Time to Visit: December – April

Currency: Mexican Peso  


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 DR as its fondly called is a lovey island country that’s great for tourists looking for something really affordable. It is one of the most visited nations in the Caribbean. Blessed with incredible beaches and amazing resorts, you can be sure of having a truly restful vacation in the Dominican Republic. Punta Cana is the most popular city for tourists so that might be your preferred location in the country. If you’re thinking of participating in a bunch of water sports: Snorkeling, parasailing or even going on a cruise, then DR is just right for you. This Island’s cuisine pulls its roots from Dominica, Spain and Africa. Give your taste buds a treat by trying out tostones, Chicharron, Yuca, Chimichurris and for dessert, try out Arroz con leche (rice with milk), Frio frio and Bizcocho.              

Best Time to Visit: April – May

Currency: Dominican Peso

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If you’re very interested in history, then Cuba is the place for you as the streets are literally filled with the country’s history. On a trip to Cuba, you’ll find out that a lot of their culture has tons of Spanish and African influences. From the food to their dance and even their religious practices. Havana, its capital city is home to some of the best dancing spots, so go out and put your dancing shoes on. Explore Cuban foods like: Ropa vieja, Picadillo, Pernit and Tostones.

Best Time to Visit: January – February

Currency: Cuban Peso    


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This South-American country is so diverse and beautiful. A top travel destination in the Americas you’ll definitely not regret a trip to Columbia. The topography of the country is one that’ll steal a chunk of your heart. From high mountains to stunning valleys and beyond beautiful oceans, you can be assured of being captivated by the beauty that is Columbia. Columbia’s turbulent past serves as one of the many reasons why tourists love the country. Enjoy the delicious street foods like Empanadas and Arepas. Pro tip: if you’re exploring big cities like Bogota or Cartegena, always try to keep your valuables safe.

Best Time to Visit: December – March

Currency: Colombian Peso

Cartagena, Colombia | Places to travel, Colombia travel, Places to visit


Yo no hablo Español – I don’t speak Spanish

Me llamo – My name is

Sí- Yes

Señor/a – Mr/Mrs

Perdone – Excuse me

Lo Siento – I’m sorry

Yo no quiero – I don’t want 

There you have it, everything you need to know about visiting Spanish Speaking countries. As always, Wakanow is always ready to assist you on all your travels so, lets go!

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