Manchester is known for one things: a perfect place to enjoy the country’s favorite sport as the city hosts two of Europe’s best football teams – Man City and Man United. Asides football, the city’s leisure facilities has significantly improved its tourism charm, rendering it one of the best destinations to visit in northern England. Notable highlights include the superb Opera House with its dramatic and music performance and the refreshing Chill Factor, Britain’s longest and largest indoor ski slope. Along with Salford and eight other towns, it forms Greater Manchester’s metropolitan region. Manchester also known as the economic and cultural capital of Lancashire and is a renown hub for the arts, culture, and higher education.

It has also become a favorite for shoppers with a vast variety of shopping opportunities such as the Royal Exchange and St Anne’s stores. Other tourist attractions are located in Manchester and they are:


The home stadiums of the Manchester clubs: Etihad Stadium in Manchester City provides a wide range of enjoyable tours, including luxury dinner tours. Old Trafford-Manchester United’s guided tours allows access to private boxes and the possibility of walking around the field. This National Football Museum also has interesting sport-related memorabilia such as the very first rulebook of the game, as well as historical trophies and clothes.


Chetham, a truly historic city is known for Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels’ meeting place during Marx’s Manchester visit.  Another visit worth having is Chetham ‘s Hospital north of Manchester Cathedral which dates partially to 1422. Originally a priests’ home, it now houses a music school and Chetham Library, England ‘s oldest public library dating back to 1653, which now has more than 100,000 books, more than half of them written before 1850.  Such significant libraries are the Manchester Central Library next to the Town Hall and the Portico Branch, which contains the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society’s literary collection of Dalton and Joule.

Where else can you find medieval books such as a Gutenberg Bible and William Caxton’s collection of early printing, other than The Victorian John Rylands Library which is now part of Manchester University.


Opened in 2002, this Imperial War Museum branch is a common destination for its fighting vehicles and aircraft exhibitions. Imperial War Museum North (IWM North) is worth visiting, particularly if you are interested in war history.

The highlights of the tour include audiovisual displays and workshops on the history of war and its role in shaping civilization. Big vehicles such as tanks, planes, artillery, and mobile guns also have multiple static displays. Grab a cup of coffee when you’re on a break as you sip coffee in the café on-site.


Most hotels in Manchester are mainly concentrated around the commercial district between King Street and the Cathedral; Liverpool Road Museum Complex in the Castlefield neighborhood or the Urban Heritage Park.

  • Premier Inn Manchester City Center Piccadilly Hotel is excellent value for money, with comfortable rooms and is less than a 5-minute walk from Piccadilly Station.
  • Hilton Manchester Piccadilly’s DoubleTree is situated just across the street from Piccadilly Station, 10 minutes walk from main attractions and next to the free shuttle bus stop.
  • Roomzzz Manchester City just off Chinatown has sleek, well-designed rooms with excellent service.
  • Travelodge Manchester Central has plain, but convenient rooms over the cathedral and shopping District Bridge.
  • Velvet Hotel has beautifully decorated suites and excellent service. It is situated between the rail stations of Chinatown and Piccadilly, where trains come from London.

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