Foreign and exotic meals are tasty and often send your palate off to Lala land but nothing can be quite compared to the street food local we have in Nigeria. Our street food culture is unrivalled by any of the dishes from around the world, what makes it so special is the fact that our dishes do not have strange looks or tastes and can be eaten by just about anybody. If you happen to find yourself on the streets of any Nigerian city, ask for any of the dishes below for a truly satisfying street food experience. Then wash it down with either palm wine or a cold bottle of beer if you are so inclined.


abacha street food

This is an Eastern Nigeria dish and is prepared with dried shredded cassava. This exotic delicacy is easy to prepare and is relished as meal or a snack.

Ekpang Nkukwo

ekpang kwukwo street food

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This is one of the traditional delicacies of the Efiks and Ibibios. Made with cocoyam and little wateryam, this meal is relished by many and contains the basic classes of food, the flavour and taste are heavenly mouth-watering.

Isi Ewu

isi ewu street food

This dish is so unusually delicious and is only complete if you have eaten the major parts of the goat head. It is seasoned with Utazi leaf and Ehuru seeds which gives it the distinct flavour and taste. To fully enjoy this meal, you need to wash your hands and dig in with your fingers.

Pepper Soup

street food in Nigeria

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Pepper soup is served in most local restaurants and hotels and can be eaten alone as a low-carb dish and prepared using various local aromatic spices and herbs. It is usually prepared with either goat meat or fresh fish.

Snails kebab

snail kebab suya style

This is a sumptuous and crunchy dish enjoyed in many parts of Nigeria. Though snail is most times expensive and its preparation somewhat tasking, eating this delicacy leaves you with a simply rewarding feeling


strret shawarma

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This ultimate on the go meal is prepared with thinly sliced meat, veggies and sauce wrapped in a pita bread. You will find at least one Shawarma spots at every corner of the street. Victoria Island has the best Shawarma spots in Lagos you should try out today!

Other popular Nigerian street foods include Suya (barbecued meat), Roasted plantain, Fried Yam and Fish, Roasted corn, Akara and Moi-Moi (Beans cake) and ChinChin. ‘Pure Water’ (sachet water) is also very popular. It is not uncommon to see ‘pure water’ sellers (mostly children) run up to vehicles in traffic jams with their wares. Commuters are always grateful for cold water after spending hours in the hot sun.


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