Street Food In Nigeria

Foreign and exotic meals are tasty and often send your palate off to Lala land but nothing can be quite compared to the local street food we have in Nigeria. Our street food culture is unrivalled by any of the dishes from around the world, what makes it so unique is the fact that our dishes do not have strange looks or taste and can be eaten by just about anybody. If you happen to find yourself on the streets of any Nigerian city, ask for any of the dishes below for a truly satisfying street food experience. Then wash it down with either palm wine or a cold bottle of beer if you are so inclined.

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This is an Eastern Nigeria dish and is prepared with dried shredded cassava, it can be garnished with garden-eggs depending on your choice. This exotic delicacy is easy to prepare and is relished as a meal or a snack.

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 One of the top street foods in Nigeria, with its origin from Northern Nigeria. Suya is a made from skewered beef mixed with dry pepper and other spices, mostly enjoyed with onions, tomatoes and cabbage.

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Indigenous to southern Nigeria, this piquant meal comprises roasted plantain or yam and is served with peppery palm oil sauce, well roasted fish and some veggies like utazi or scent leaf. It is best eaten with clean hands.

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This indigenous street food is popular in the Eastern part of Nigerian, and has its tentacles all round the country. It is has a unique taste and is usually filling, made from bambara flour and its taste is divine.

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Other popular Nigerian street food include Akara, plantain chips, puff-puff, corn and pea, agege bread, plantain and groundnut, kuli-kuli amongst a wide variety of scrumptious meals to pick from. If you’re looking to explore more foods, you can check out Nigerian foods to try to help make your choices easier.

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