The best of Cape Verde comes with love, life, laughter and an experience of a lifetime. You may not even have heard of Cape Verde before, and we don’t blame you. It is an archipelago consisting of ten islands, situated off the coast of Senegal. It used to belong to Portugal but gained independence in 1975.

So what’s the allure? Would you rather have a romantic summer baecation at Senegal or have a swell time at Cape Verde beaches? You ever wondered what makes Cape Verde worth your time, rather than spending your summer vacation somewhere more predictable?

the best of cape verde

cape verde

These shots are taken at the island called Boa Vista. It is a flat island surrounded by wonderful beaches. However, remember that this is the Atlantic, so expect waves. There are only two major hotels on the island – the Riu Touareg and the Riu Karamboa. These are perfect if you don’t mind queuing up in the dining room, lying side by side with other tourists by the pool and of course, appreciate a bit of 5-star luxury. The rest of the island remains pretty much unchanged, including the road system which is only paved and prepared between the airport and the before mentioned top end hotels.

cape verde trip

Here are five exciting things to do. Add to your things to do list and check after every adventure!!!


Not far from the airport in Boa Vista, you’ll find some pretty amazing natural sand dunes which pretty much offers everything you’d expect to see in the Sahara itself, apart from camels. Good fun for kids of all ages!



Once you’ve had lobster Cape Verde style,  other styles will do. It comes by the bucket load! Check out mouth-watering family summer deals with luxury accommodation and delicious breakfast at Lamantin Beach Hotel Resort & Spa in Cape Verde/Senegal



Boa Vista is a cultural island where you get to enjoy the best of Cape Verde music and traditional dance. But forget boring, old traditional dances, Fanuna is more like tuning into a sizzling hot MTV video where the participants wiggle in different ways. As a tourist, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to join in. Either as a true tourist in one of the hotel complexes or in the container come night club called Masurka just out of Sal Rei. Either way – just dance!




Whale watching is exciting business, especially when you go out on fancy catamarans where you can enjoy a truly spectacular day at sea.



You can see the whole of Boa Vista in less than a day, and if you take part in an organized tour, you’ll be taken to the famous ship wreck Santa Maria, then whizzed off by a 4×4 to the Santa Monica beach which is the island’s most spectacular stretch of sand. Along the way you’ll stop off in some remote villages where life just seems to be going by without anybody taking notice. You will also be shown around the capital Sal Rei which has a lovely bay for kiting and sunbathing. Oh, and you’ll see plenty of flat, hard moon like landscapes which is what this island is all about.


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