The Inconvenient Truth

“This wasn’t really the plan, no it wasn’t at all.” As I sat shivering on the blanket Temi had so kindly spread out for me on the floor by the corner of the bedroom, this was what kept running through my mind.

How had my dream trip to London turned into this cold, bleary nightmare? I wondered again. I had scraped and saved just to get enough money to finally come on a visit to London believing it was all my cousins had told me each time they had visited us in Lagos laden with chocolates, sweets and other delicacies. Instead, here I was lying in the cold just because my uncle’s wife said they needed to save money on heating; I was sleeping on the floor because there was no extra bedroom or even a bed! Everything is rationed here; food, water, bathroom, even the air I dare say! What a terrible vacation this has been, I can’t wait to go back to Nigeria.

Hello there,

Are you like our friend above who travels abroad on a vacation only to go and suffer, inconvenience yourself and possibly fall ill?

Why inconvenience yourself and others on a trip when you can enjoy freedom in any hotel of your choice? Enjoy a holiday of leisure and relaxation, stay in a hotel and have everything you need all in one place — gym, swimming pool, wireless internet, meals, etc., all catered for!

Life abroad is tough! People have fixed/tight budgets and you may inconvenience them when you ‘stay’ in their houses. They may need to manage heating, manage space and juggle bathrooms, whereas you can book hotels as cheap as N5,656 in Dubai and N7,823 in London. Yes, you heard that right! Very very affordable, comfortable hotels too!

No need to do laundry, no dishes to wash after meals! This leaves you more time to explore your holiday destination and fully enjoy your vacation. Some hotels even offer night time entertainment. So, after a long day of exploring the city, you can go back to your hotel, relax and enjoy the in-house entertainment. What’s more? You can even arrange to have a car pick you up at the airport and deliver you straight to your hotel at little or no cost.

So, if you fancy a trip to UK, Dubai, Gambia, South Africa or any one of our other destinations, find great hotels well within your budget for accommodation. What are you waiting for? Get great deals when you book flights and affordable hotels together here today!

Remember, Life’s waiting to be discovered.

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