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The Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Discover the most romantic cities in Europe. Cities where you can spend sometime with your love living out your romantic fantasies. Thinking of visiting romantic cities in Europe to explore? We’ve got you! Contact us at Wakanow for visa assistance and flight bookings.

Budapest, Hungary

Hungary’s capital city is famous for how romantic it is. This is mainly because of its sumptuous dishes and mesmerizing views. Go on a cruise on the Danube river, enjoy chocolates at the Budapest chocolate museum, take in the 3D art at the art museum or hop on a Budapest’s eye ride. One thing is sure, whatever you choose to do, you’re definitely going to have the time of your life in Budapest.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Horse drawn carriages and castles? What says fairytale more than that? Little wonder Prague is definitely a city for love. This picturesque city offers you the most romantic sights from beautiful gardens, to fascinating museums. You’re in for a romantic vacation if you choose to visit Prague. Go for a candle lit dinner with your love and treat yourselves to yummy Czech desserts.

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Santorini, Greece

Santorini is every inch dreamy. Fondly called the island of love, you’re bound to fall in love all over again in Santorini. Its rich history, exceptional architecture, volcanic beaches and perfect sunsets form a perfect blend of beauty. Go for romantic walks, a boat cruise or indulge in some Mediterranean food.

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Paris, France

Paris is popularly known as the city of love because of the romantic atmosphere you can literally feel as soon as you step into France’s capital city. Explore the Louvre museum, the Eiffel tower or enjoy some time at the Champ de Mars. Nothing says city of love like the Wall of love, this is the perfect backdrop for your lovey-dovey pictures. Although, it is home to many places and things that symbolize love, Paris is also the best place to take your love shopping. With high end shopping stores all around, your hunger for shopping is going to be sated.

inside louvre museum - Google Search | Louvre paris, Louvre museum, Museums  in paris

Rome, Italy

Rome puts the rom in romance so its no surprise that Rome is on the list. This city has everything you need for your perfect love story: historical monuments, beautiful fountains and the most perfect gelatos! Rome’s charm is evident in its streets, parks and gardens. Indulge in a nice romantic dinner (Italian food is always a hit), tour the town on a horse carriage or even attend an Opera in Teatro Dell’Opera di Roma. Whatever your taste is, Rome caters to it.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam isn’t usually on the list of romantic places but this hidden gem has a lot to offer to couples. With endless bridges all around the city, the first thing would be to enjoy tons of evening walks. Tour the canals, the Van Gogh museum or enjoy a classic dinner at a fine restaurant. Lastly, the amount of trees un Amsterdam, make it a great location for picnics if you want something more laidback.

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Venice, Italy

Honorable mention – Venice! This list would be incomplete without this historic city. With the most beautiful sunsets and endless gondola rides, Venice is ready to inspire your love like no other. Go on a gondola ride on the beautiful canals, enjoy an opera night at Musica A Palazzo or just take a stroll through the Venice’s neighborhoods.

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There you have it, our list of the most romantic cities in Europe. Want to find about the option you have in Africa, read all about it here.

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