For many years, folks around the world have celebrated Valentine’s day religiously just like any other popular festivity.

We all know how difficult choosing the perfect romantic activity can be in a busy city like Lagos, and we are here to help.

Flowers and handwritten notes are definitely nice and have their place in the legendary books of valentine. However, if your relationship is not over five decades old, that might seem a bit too familiar.

Take a cue from us on things you can do in Lagos this valentine despite the busy nature of the city.

Go On A Romantic Dinner Date

What better way to give your better half a treat on a day when love is the only language spoken?

A romantic date sets the tone for the rest of the evening for you and your partner.

If you are the adventurous type, playing the suprise dinner card with flowers and an invitation delivered to your lover at work gives the dinner even a better thrill before it begins.

table for two

Go Shopping

Nothing goes wrong shopping with your partner and getting gifts for each other here in Lagos. Lagos, being a commercial city is never short of shopping centers – from the local markets made up of small businesses, to the art markets, and to the shopping malls you and your partner are in to get the best gifts and products for each other at bargain prices.   

According to psychology, shopping makes you happy – now that’s a simple way to keep your loved one even happier.

Consider getting your loved ones a signature gift this Valentine season and make them feel your presence even when miles apart.

Source : Bufallo Niagara

Get Away From The City In The City

Whisking off your significant other on a retreat is an ace that never gets old.

Waking up right is sometimes as simple as opening your eyes in the morning next to your favourite human. Straight talk, no chasers.

Lagos boasts of some of the best romantic hideouts in Africa, and you would do yourself so much good opting for any that best suits your needs.  

From exotic hotels, resorts and beach houses, your options are pretty much endless. What’s more? You can also spice things up with the perfect Wakanow valentine package too.  

Source: Pexel

Go Have A Movie Night

Recently, valentines day have happened just around European football nights and if you have a partner who loves football, you both might end up watching the games live at home or a viewing center.

Fortunately, this year’s valentines is going down on a day with few European football actions.

A movie date will be perfect for movie lovers, considering the host of blockbuster movies showing in downtown cinemas across town.

Source: Pixabay

Sing Along with Karaoke

Music, they say, is food to the soul; and what better way to have fun out there than to create longlasting fond memories than in a bar singing to your loved one.

Karaoke never goes wrong regardless of your voice. With the much-needed sparks in your soul, we guarantee you’d beat Beyonce at her game.

Source: Pexel
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