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Things To Do In Morocco

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Morocco, located in the northern part of Africa, is bordered by the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic ocean. It is one of  North Africa’s most popular travel destinations because of its warm people and affordability. An amazing choice. Morocco has tons of places and things to do for adventurous travelers. Discover more gems with Wakanow holiday packages.  Let’s go!


Morocco has tons of places for tourists to shop in, from the souks (open air shops) to shopping malls. Every tourist would find a range of items that would definitely pique their interest. One thing is sure, you cannot run out of options when it comes to purchasing items. One hack to getting the best deals is learning to haggle properly.

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Bordered by both the Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans, Morocco is home to some of the best beaches in the world. Its white-washed beaches are what every traveler’s dreams are made of. Visit Dragon beach or White beach for the best beach experiences


The Best Beaches in Morocco


Morocco can also be called the land of spices. This country is every spice lover’s dream. The spices are displayed in a colorful array which leaves you in awe. Tourists enjoy getting spices because of their medicinal values. Ensure you leave the market with an ample supply of cayenne, ginger, cumin and sesame seeds.


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Moroccan architecture, also known as Moorish architecture is simply stunning. The designs are often intricate, picturesque and well-detailed, a true sight for sore eyes. The building styles are a blend of islamic and modern architecture. Spend your vacation in Morocco by visiting its historical buildings.

Traditional moroccan architectural details - Puzzle Factory

Scenic views

Whether you’re exploring the capital city – Rabat or other cities like Casablanca, Fez e.t.c. You’re bound to find scenic views almost everywhere. For the most instagrammable places, visit Le Jardin secret, Majorelle garden, Marrakech museum and Bahia palace.

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Things to Know


The Moroccan Dirham is the currency used in Morocco. You can find money changers across the country. 


Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country hence outfits must be modest.


Arabic, Berber and French are widely spoken in Morocco. Although French is not considered a lingua franca, it is very common to find natives who speak the language.


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