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Things To Do In Orlando

Looking for a destination with excitement and thrill? Orlando, Florida is perfect for you. This city is the home of Walt Disney, Universal Orlando and many more. You don’t have to be limited by the theme parks, there’s a lot more in store for you. Enjoy a walk in the downtown city of Orlando filled with culture and art —City Arts Factory, Bob Carr Theatre, Mad Cow Theatre, and Orlando Farmer’s Market. If you’re a foodie, enjoy a tasty meal from the fabulous cuisine.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite things to do in Orlando:

SeaWorld Orlando

seaworld florida


For sea creature lovers, there’s a one-on-one dolphin encounter. Make a new friend while learning about these fascinating sea creatures. Even if you’re not a lover of the creatures under the sea, Seaworld Orlando is filled with exciting activities sure to make your summer 2018 memories linger for years to come. There’s a fireworks display to end the night and ensure your stay is more magical. For the adults, there’s free beer for all those who want to kickstart their night.

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Islands of Adventure


Your visit to Orlando is incomplete if you don’t visit the Universal Orlando Resort. This resort is guaranteed to let the kids have unadulterated fun and for adults to be kids for the day! There’s a ride that is suitable for everyone from water, adventure, and even scary rides. Make a splash, thrill your nerves and feel terrified, whatever suits you. Universal Orlando Resort is the perfect escape for an unforgettable summer experience.


Kennedy Space Centre

kennedy space centre orlando


Embark on an amazing space journey, witness a space launch live at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre visitor complex. For anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of space and beyond, this is the right spot. There are even simulated rides into space for guests and you get to meet a veteran NASA astronaut.


Hot Air Balloon Rides

orlando balloon ride


Leave behind the thrills of the theme parks and get onboard this romantic ride. Ideal for all lovebirds, who want to reignite their love flames. Experience the breathtaking view of Orlando while overlooking the beautiful forests, orchards, and waterways. Celebrate the end of the ride with a champagne toast and fall in love all over again while watching the sunset.

After an amazing day of sightseeing and thrill-seeking rides, comfort is all you’ll need to recuperate from all the day’s excitement. You’ll need a hotel close to the popular landmarks and comfortable for your beauty sleep. With us, we’re all about discovering the best rates!


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