Things To Do In Russia

The hype of the 2018 World Cup in Russia has got a number of people slowly focusing on the largest nation in the world.  Here’s a list of exciting things to do in Russia:

Water Rafting

Russia Water Rafting

Source: www.rbth.com

For an adrenaline-pumped water activity, white-water rafting along the Katun river in the Altai Republic is one of the adventurous things to do in Russia.  Breathe in the clean air, soak in the beautiful mountain views and carve out your rafting routes.

Scale Kamchatka Volcano

Russia Volcano

Source: TheMoscowTimes

If volcano trekking or scaling in Russia is on your bucket list of things to do in Russia then scaling Kamchatka Volcano will be an exciting adventure for you. Imagine scaling an erupting volcano, with all it’s concentrates in full glory. Kamchatka is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet.

Take a Trip to the Zoo

russia trip to zoo

Source: Jean Claude’s News

The zoo is most likely on your list of things to do in Russia. There are a number of zoos in Russia but the grandest of them is the Moscow Zoo. If you’re an animal lover, welcome to animal paradise with over 6,500 animals. These animals represent over 1,000 species, from elephants to antelopes and even endangered reptile species. Other activities the zoo offers guests are- lectures, feeding the animals and even adopting an animal.

Talk a Walk Through History

Things To Do in Russia

Source: Advantour

A walk through the different cities in Russia brings a rush of the historical national treasures to life, for all those searching for inspiration. Take a look at the Red Square in Moscow. You need to see what it looks like at night! Russia holds the largest museum in the world- The State Hermitage Museum- which stores the world’s very best art and culture

Watch The World Cup Live

World Cup in Russia

Source: FIFA.com

Last and certainly not the least of activities is watching the World Cup live. This is the first time ever that Russia will be hosting the World Cup. It is also the first time, since 2006, a European country will be given this privilege. The activities will be spread amongst 11 cities. You can be part of the action and find out how to buy your tickets.


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