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7 Things You Need To Know About Wakanow Go Down Low

  • First of Its Kind in Africa

Go Down Low, It’s the biggest travel sale in Africa where you get flight tickets from trusted airlines at highly discounted prices.

In previous editions, we had deals go for as low as N999 to Accra one way and Tickets to Dubai on Emirates Airline for N99,000. Trust me you have never seen anything like it.  

  • Deals Go Out Every 5 minutes

Charge your phones, charge your laptops, follow us on all our social media platforms because new destinations, new deals and new prices are loaded every 5 minutes on the Go Down Low sale! Watch out for updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Browser Push Notification, Email. Follow us so you get left out.

  • Card Payment Only

To maximise the best of the Go Down Low sales card payment option is required. Pay conveniently for your flight tickets from the comfort of your home.  Our technology and procedures protect & secure your online transactions. So why don’t you lock down these mouth-watering deals with your card and token.

  • Online Only Deals

Don’t bother calling a friend who knows a friend who works in Wakanow, unfortunately, they can’t help you. For Go Down Low Deals visit www.wakanow.com enter your destination, travel period and search. Once you see your deal lock it down without wasting any more time. So put your fastest fingers game on and grab as many tickets as possible.

  • Non Refundable Tickets

It is advisable to have a clear picture of your itinerary beforehand to avoid cancellation without a refund. Once the booking is made you still get a chance to make any corrections you wish to make.  Once payments are made and tickets are issued, you cannot change your mind as these flight tickets are non-refundable. In order not to forfeit your tickets fill in your correct information while making a booking.

  • Extra Cost on Date Change

Change of date on your flight ticket will come at an added cost. For instance, Go Down Low deals available for travel dates in June will require an additional charge should you want to change dates to July. It’s a fair deal and you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

  • Mother of All Deals

For every Go Down Low sale, we have an incredible Mother of all Deals offer where flight tickets are at its very cheapest. When is it happening you ask?

Stay tuned to all our social media channels which include Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You’ll definitely get the gist.
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