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With the release of the lockdown on inter-state travel, many can take a vacation in any of the hotels in a city within Nigeria to allow for a time-off and relaxation in a different location. Moreso, this year, which has been especially hard for everyone, the time for enjoyment begins for all those who know how to have a good time and without a doubt, Port-Harcourt has a great variety of hotels.

Blooms Spot Hotel & Apartment in Port-Harcourt is a home away from home and they provide their customers with outstanding experiences while offering an excellent homemade hospitality environment.

Blooms Spot Hotel and Apartment, Port Harcourt – Updated 2020 Prices

Its Bed &Breakfast, self-catering apartments and offices are tailor-made to ensure maximum return on customer expenses. At Blooms Spot Hotel & Apartment, there are rooms that all have their own uniqueness and top-quality service. Now if like most people you need a short stay apartment, this establishment is right for you.

blooms spot hotel & apartments

All its apartments have free Wifi, furnished kitchen, dining for 6 persons, and 2 bed room suites. What can be better than this? Likewise all its rooms (Superior, Standard and Super Deluxe) are very spacious and are fully equipped with the most modern services to satisfy the most demanding traveler. Its Super Deluxe rooms come with a fridge and freezer, accent chairs with coffee table.

All rooms and suites are imbued with style and elegance and have all the comforts Blooms Spot Hotel & Apartment has to offer. The establishment offers a varied gastronomic offer, with a restaurant, bar and party lounge. Yes, a party lounge so you can unwind with friends and have a great nightlife.

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Without a doubt, this hotel / apartment offers a whole range of possibilities to enjoy a few days of serenity with all the comforts and services that provides an authentic Blooms Spot hotel and apartment experience.

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