It was a hazy morning, one of those days where you’re confused about whether the harmattan season has run its course or not. The alarm clock rang and it jolted Tinu awake. She got up from her bed and went into the bathroom as she knew she had to prepare to go into the office that day. Some minutes later, she was rushing out of her apartment and calling out to her flat-mate,” Lola, I’m leaving, please get the door. See ya!”

    Nothing looked unusual on her way to work as she passed through the hustle and bustle of Obalende, hearing the sounds of hawkers trying to sell their wares. She realized she hadn’t spoken to her partner, so she picked up her phone and sent him a message, “Good morning Yomi, already on my way to work. How are you doing?” She knew that she needed a break but she didn’t have the funds required for a vacation so, she refused to think too much about it. She had barely begun to imagine herself on an island far away, when a text brought her back to her reality. It was Yomi’s and she was in fact not on vacation. She was in a Lagos cab.

“Hey, I had to get to the office really early, I needed to do some work. You good?” She picked up her phone and smiled. Yomi was always so thoughtful and with Valentine coming up, she wasn’t sure of his plan. All she knew was that she had to get herself together and come up with a nice gift idea. “But valentine is only a day away” she thought to herself. “I’m doing great. Any trick up your sleeve this valentine?” she replied via text. The cab driver stopped right in front of her office and she alighted. She had come for the monthly assessment required by the company, as she was working remotely. She needed to be sure of Yomi’s plans, in order to avoid the last minute rush that accompanies Valentine’s day.

It was Valentine’s day and she wasn’t ready for all the fuss about love. Lola waltzed into her room and seemed so excited, “Madam, this one you’re in a great mood this morning eh? What’s up?, I know you don’t like mornings.” Tinu queried.

“Nothing o, its Valentine’s day, Its a day to celebrate love”, Lola replied.”Oh, it is? I had no idea o. Madam, better say the one that’s doing you.”

“Okay, okay, I have one request, pack your bags, you’re going on a vacation!” Lola yelled in excitement. “Vacation? Who planned it? When? What’s happening?” Tinu asked in confusion. “To answer your questions: Yes, Vacation. Yomi and I planned it with the help of the good people at Wakanow. Your flight is by 5:10 pm Today! so go go go! Pack up!”

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