Tinu’s Surprise Valentine II

“Where are we going to? Are you going to help me out with outfit ideas?” Tinu quizzed Lola.
“I’d probably be giving too much away, if I told you the exact location” Lola seemed excited. “Just think beaches. Lots of beaches and resorts”
“I’ve needed a vacation for the longest time. For how long though?” She yelled in excitement. “One week.” Lola replied. Somehow, Yomi always managed to exceed her expectations when it came to gifting. He always had the best gifts and tricks up his sleeve. She glanced at Lola and pulled her in for a hug. “How did I get so lucky? How did he go about it? Tell me everything”
They were already folding some of Tinu’s clothes into her box, when Lola started to tell her all about it. “Sometime in December, he reached out to me and told me he wanted to plan a really good vacation for you.”

“He did?” Tinu asked.
“Anyway, I told him I had no experience planning but he can always reach out to Wakanow to help with any travel needs he has.”
“He contacted them,told them exactly what he needed. They found a package that was just right for him and voila!” said Lola
“They handled everything?” asked Tinu.
“Yes, from start to finish. Visa assistance to ticket bookings. Yomi didn’t even have to lift a finger” Lola said. “Oya go and pack up, your ride to the airport will soon be here.”
“Ride? They offer that too? Wow!”
“Yes, they do.”
As they packed up Tinu’s bags and headed for the living room, Lola received a call to inform her that the airport ride was right outside their gate. They hugged and Tinu was off to get into the car.
 Two Wakanow representatives welcome her and gave her, the full itinerary of their journey. But first, they had to meet Yomi at the airport. “Fancy” Tinu whispered to Lola who was standing by and watching.
As they get to the airport, she gets really excited about meeting with Yomi. She’s ushered in to the airport where Yomi gives her updates: They’re heading to Maldives!

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